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Hi ladies . I'm on this side since March after my BFN thru ICSI 😔 I wrote few posts us I was and still going thru how to have finally this BFP . I'm reading all of u ladies good and bad story 😔😔 Just wonder one think ...for all of us who had BFN ... Why ? Is any of u ladies had any extra treatment done to increase the chances of success ? I know we all different I know that ours body reacting on drugs different ...we all have differens amount eggs when they collect and fertiliser ... We all different but many of us end up with BFN 😔😔 I understand if we going thru IVF cycle for the first time ...my doctor told me that with first one they try do without "adding"...extra just to see how is u and how your body reacting on drugs. Ok I understand that ...but second one and next one and next one ...BFN ... Why ? What my question is ... Is any of u Ladie being offer by doctor to add some extra to increase chances for BFP ? ...and if ...did u was successful ?

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BfN and BFP is honestly a lottery. All my tests were normal. But I didn't respond to the drugs at all! It took 6 rounds to get my little girl, and 2 rounds after both ending in early miscarriage or chemical pregnancy. Round 6 and 8 I did acupuncture. My weight is healthy, my diet is healthy, the only thing different between 6 and 8 was I was anaemic and didn't know it. Whether that made baby not stick, we'll never know.

You can't beat yourself up about it, infertility cannot be controlled. You didn't choose this.

Ask your clinic about tests for NK cells, embryo glue, etc. they might try something different.

And it's okay to be upset, fertility is not fair. All we can do is keep trying and do our best.


Hi Olivia1980, I know we all wish that there was a magic answer to secure that BFP. Unfortunately, I don't think one exists and it does appear to be a lottery.

But, if it helps here's the list of things I did. Before I even started IVF I had counselling and did tai chi. Both of these things helped to calm and relax me and get me in the right head space before starting treatment. If you can't find a tai chi class yoga or Pilates are just as good.

During treatment, I had embryo glue and acupuncture, both of which are suppose to increase your odds. Whether they actually made any difference is anyone's guess! Apart from that I just stopped drinking alcohol and caffeine, ate plenty of Brazil nuts, pineapple and chicken and put my feet up!

I hope this helps and I wish you all the best securing your BFP!

Good luck x


Hi Olivia, from what I read while googling a bit obsessively during my 2ww was that it's basically down to the embryo. It has to go through a series of stages in development and it either will make it or not. I genuinely feel it's out of the mothers control and no amount of special diet or acupuncture would change that. If these things make you feel less stressed and maybe more in control, go for it, but don't beat yourself up if you get a BFN because it didn't work. Maybe in the future medicine will be able to tell a bit more accurately which embryos will develop and those that won't but at the moment, it seems to come down to luck. I'm sorry there is no magic solution that women who have got pregnant or stayed pregnant know and you don't. They are as mystified of this process of mums that are trying to get there xx

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