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What next?

Hi everyone,

Love reading everyone's experiences on here, it's reassuring to know that others face similar challenges.

So I have a question that you might help me with...

I have PCOS and DH has low motility sperm. I have just had ovarian drilling and a good old check inside the womb and Fallopian tubes, and all is ok. DH is 40 next year and I am 35 and we have been trying for 2years. DH finds it hard to perform on key days of ovulation as the pressure is quite high, we have tried everything to relax him, but to no avail. He puts the pressure on himself, I am actually quite relaxed about the whole thing!

We are fortunate not to necessarily wait for NHS to take the next step as we have been saving hard as we feared we might get in this situation with my PCOS.

So what should we do next? Go straight to IVF? If so how long should we wait first to see if Ovarian drilling has worked? Anyone else been here?

We have a follow up appointment with NHS in Sept after drilling, but we have also been seeing a top gynaecologist privately, so could make an appointment to see him again.

Advice would be gratefully appreciated!

Good luck everyone

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Don't tell Hubby you're ovulating! Just get "cosy" and if he asks say not for a few days! theres nothing wrong with "practising" 😉. You can start all the billion tests for IVF in the meantime. It may take performance pressure off him.


Thanks! Yes I think I need to be less transparent as to when I'm popping an egg! Ha ha x


Hello, I think after your ovarian drilling it's worth ttc naturally for another couple of months and making a decision when to opt for IVF after your NHS appointment in Sept.

Do you know how long the NHS list is? After ttc naturally for 2 years we were ready to go for IVF privately when we were told we would be top of the NHS list in 3 months.

As for your hubby, I agree with Filmgirl101, there's no need to let on that its ovulation time if it's causing his stress. Have a 'date night' and setting the mood first might help too.

Good luck with everything! x


Thanks - I think all of that is great advice!


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