Blastocysts transferred

Hi all

So we had our blastocyst transfer at 12.30 today.

I'm feeling very helpless as this is all now down to mother nature 😐

I know over thinking things is silly but I am dreading this 2 week wait.

Also I've gone through all injections and not cried with emotions once,yet I've cried twice today already hehe x what's that all about

Anyway good look to all you lovely ladies


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  • Im 3dp5dt and really feels like this week is going to slow ive been quite emotional aswell its all normal and what a journey it is

    wish u all the best and fingers crossed for you xx

  • I'm glad it's not just me who is emotional x

    Good luck to you too xxx

  • Hi, I had my transfer today at 12.30 also! I know what you mean, its all very sureal. I have cried once since I started the treatment and that was just down to pre EC nerves. Im sure it will hit me soon! Its such an emotional journey and today after all the medical intervention we have gone through it is now back in the hands of mother nature again. Its a bit overwhelming to say the least so dont beat yourself up over the tears, its natural! Best of luck to you and here's hoping our 2ww goes in quickly!! x

  • Hi lou79

    I hope your 2ww goes quickly too

    I think as you say it's all down to mother nature and after all the intervention it feels quite scary

    Good luck xx

  • Good luck with the 2ww. All you can do is keep busy and take it one day at a time! I found when I tried to think too far ahead I became stressed and emotional. Just focus on what you're doing that day x

  • Good luck you all and wishing you happy BFP xx

  • Hi Pea 30, I am going through the injections... I have had hot flushes and been very moody, I haven't cried though :)

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