Can anyone help?

Hello everyone, just wondered if anyone can give me a little further info....had all the initial tests done on myself and DH everything was fine just got the appointment to go back and see the consultant in Sept (I have to take a urine sample, doesn't say if DH needs to attend) what happens at this appointment?? Just really want to get things moving now. Thanks xxx

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  • Hello Button123, I'm not completely sure as all hospitals are different but for us this meant we were top of the IVF list. There were still a few blood tests to be done and consent forms to complete so it took a few months for us to officially start after this. I don't remember providing a urine sample but you're poked and prodded so much it's easy to forget!

    Best of luck with your appointment and don't be afraid to call the hospital and ask if you're unsure x

  • Brilliant and thanks. I am just so keen to talk through the options and get started now, Sept feels like ages away but trying to keep busy and start acupuncture this week x

  • I had acupincture throughout my cycle. I found it really relaxing and I have read it can increase your likelihood of success by 65%! x

  • I have also read positive things about it,I had a consultation last week the woman was lovely and specialises in IVF/pregnancy etc. to be honest it's nice to have one little part to control yourself with booking appointments Etc as that's one of the bits I find hard waiting and nothing you can do about it x

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