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Egg transfer - can my husband be in the room?

Hi Ladies

So today is the day - I am still waiting on a call from the embryologists to let me know how our 3 are getting on (I am more nervous about this call than the actual procedure) but we have our appointment booked for 1:30pm this afternoon :)

Two questions - can my DH be in the room at the same time, has anyone any experience with Leeds at all?

Has anyone any advice re the actual transfer itself?


Holly x

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Aww good luck with transfer! Yes OH can be in the room and watch the monitor. Make sure you have full bladder but not too full otherwise you will struggle to hold it haha. Try and relax and you will be fine x


I'm not at Leeds but the clinic I went to gave the option of partners present for the transfer. Only advice really is to have a full bladder for it. Mine was a little too full so they allowed me empty a little, otherwise it would be very uncomfortable. They basically double check your names against the vials they have and then after that it's a bit like having a smear test. They'll scan you at the same time so you'll see your little embryo being transferred. Then I think I lay down for 10 minutes before we went home. No baths or swimming for a while after but they'll tell you this. You'll probably have consent forms as well if they transfer 2. It's fairly non-invasive, you'll be fine!

Best of luck Holly!!


Hi Tara and Tlove

Thank you both so much 😄

I did think he may be allowed in but we were not sure!

As we are an hour away I'm going to have a big drink of water before we leave then I'll need to go when we get there so I'll hold it! Hopefully that'll do the trick😄

I'll let you know how we get on and thanks again,

Holly xx


I think I'd take a bottle in the car and sip it along the way - an hour is a long time to hold out!!


Hi Tlove

That's actually not a bad idea as I'm going lots at the moment I don't know why!

Ok I'll have a wee before we set off and drink the water enroute

Thank you x


Just had the call 😄

All 3 made it to blasts. We are having one put back in today, they have already frozen one and the third they are taking to tomorrow and all being well they'll be able to freeze that one tomorrow.

So excited now and nervous too

Holly xx


That's great!! Delighted they all made it. x


Awww gud luck with transfer today so pleased all 3 made it xx


Thank you both xx


Great news. And don't worry transfer is the easy bit. Bring on the 2ww x


Hope the transfer went well X

I was told I needed an empty bladder for the transfer - interesting that different clinics seem to have different approaches?


Hi Emblazes

Thank you 😄

Did they use ultra sound to guide the catheter?

A full bladder makes it easier when ultrasound is used ... That's what they told me!

Transfer was amazing, the technology and the fact the embryo is half the size of a strand of hair is mind boggling!

Hope you are ok

Holly X


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