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Good news: treatment brought forward!

Got some great news today, our ICSI treatment had been bought forward by 2 months. Early in the summer we were told to expect treatment in September/October, but then cam the crushing news that it would be December. Out of the blue today I got a call from the nurse asking if we could reschedule. My husband and I are feeling positive and hopeful. We really needed this boost. I get my delivery of drugs tomorrow.

I'm glad to share some good news for once, not to mention about the NHS.

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That's brilliant news Erland! Good luck with your cycle x


Brilliant news! Good luck!


It's exciting when your time comes and lovely that you haven't got to wait months.

Good luck!


Hi Erland. Just wanted to add my good wishes too for a successful outcome to your ICSI cycle. Diane


Hi Erland, good news and I wish you all the happiness in the world for your cycle. Xx


Hi Erland! This is great news!

We're right at the very beginning of the process and the time scales are already stressing me out. All the initial tests will take up a couple of months before we even know if we will qualify for any kind of treatment! So to know that other people are getting boosted forward is a positive, even if it doesn't happen to us it means that things are always moving and they're on the ball!

Good Luck to you x


Thanks for you message.

It can feel like everything takes forever but sometimes the gaps between appointments means that everything sinks in and that you can process the information properly, and see things more clearly.

A word if advice: always try and get copies of paperwork and test results. It's helpful to have your own records to look back on.

Good luck with everything and focus on your health and wellbeing in the meantime. Do stuff that makes you feel good!


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