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Scan day....so confused

Had my scan today shows I'm 7 weeks pregnant but on screen the baby is only the size of if I was 5 weeks and the heart beat is weak. I have to go for another scan next week with the hope that he/she has grew and the heart beat has got stronger. Nurse was 50/50 with me saying that in some cases the heart beat just gets weaker and dies but then there are some that have survived. She also said that they couldn't get an accurate reading as well. So confused. We just have to wait and see, Excited to know I'm still pregnant but part of me is saying but next week could be totally different. Can I do anything to help get stronger? Has anyone else been told this and had a healthy pregnancy? I just don't know how I'm meant to be feeling, feel like I'm still in limbo I just need to stay strong and hope for the best x

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I had my scan today too and they were concerned it was just on the small side.. so kinda know how your feeling.

I thought going to this scan would put my mind at rest and it's only made me feel worse xx sending my love


What an awful situation to be in. My thoughts are with you. As if the periods of waiting up to this point haven't been hard enough, you've now got another agonising week to wait. Just try to stay relaxed & positive. Best wishes xxx


You're probably doing everything you can. Eat healthy, drink plenty, sleep, and take your vitamins. Our thoughts are with you. And fingers crossed for next week.


Fingers crossed for you all hun xx


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