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Pregnancy Scan 4th December!!

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Heey guys hope you are all well, just did another pregnancy test yeaterday and it was a positive, the hubby emailed our fertility clinic and they have booked out first scan on 4th December :)

The nurse emailed and mentioned that I would be 7 weeks and 5 days pregnant, where as I am currently 3 weeks pregnant since embryo was transferred, I know this will sound silly but how do they work this out. i had my eggs collected on 25th October and transfer was 30th October. And when I go for scan I will be roughly 5 weeks pregnant

At the moment its going okay, i feel slight cramp pains just for about 5-6 seconds, also feeling very tired and need to pee alot loll!!

Hope all goes well and we see our little embryo heart beat and hope its growing normal.

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Congratulations! Lovely news your pregnancy is dated from what would have been your last period so it adds on 2 weeks x

I can only imagine how exciting it must be for you. Congratulations to you xxx

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Hi RASA. They work from when you have embryo transfer, when it is assumed you are 2 weeks pregnant. That makes you just over 7/40 wks which is perfect timing for your first scan. I always preferred this timing as you get the correct dating and see little ones heartbeat for sure. So pleased for you, and hope all goes well for you. Lovely news. Diane

Big congratulations xx

Congratulations!! I have my first scan booked in for the 6th Dec. So we are very similar dates.

I was confused with how they worked it out but after a bit of Google research, I think I managed to get it. xx

Oooh, congratulations. I have no idea how they work it out but they are best to advise xx

Fantastic news, Congratulations xx

Congratulations, thanks great news! Wishing you all the best for a healthy pregnancy 💕🙏xX

Congs 😘

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Congratulations lovely. Not too long till you get to see your little one. It’s amazing seeing the baby I cried! 😍 Wishing you the best with your pregnancy xoxo

Congratulations! We actually have the same first scan date! (Received our BFP on Wednesday). Here's to a relaxing and not worrying couple of weeks til the scan!!! X

Yea I get confused with this too xx

Congratulations and best wishes for a healthy, happy pregnancy xx

Thank you so much guys for the lovely messages, hopefully all goes well for the scan, just abit nervous for what to expect. Hopefully we see a healthy babys heartbeat and that its growing perfectly fine. Sfarre good luck for your scan aswell. Hopefully we will both have good news come the 4th :)

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