First IVF treatment starting soon :-)

Hi All

Just thought I'd share that we are finally going to be starting IVF in later part of September or October. My husband and I are excited but nervous at the same time after trying for about three and half years, with two miscarriages and I've also had some Endometriosis removed. Feeling very positive at the moment so guessing that's a good start :-)

I hope you are all well .


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  • That's great news, pleased for you xxx

  • September/October will soon be here.

    I really hope that your treatment is successful.

  • Hello, congratulations! My husband and I are starting at the same time, mid to late September and egg transfer at beginning of October. V exciting! Nice to be able to enjoy the rest of the summer knowing when we're starting :) Keep us posted! X

  • Hi, Congratulations. All the best for the treatment.

  • Hi your be fine. I found the whole process ok. I had really bad cramping 2 days after egg collection, that was the worse bit. But doing injections was not too bad, i did them at 6pm each day. Didnt have any major side affects just felt a bit low for one week. Egg collection you are sedated for so you dont know anything just wake up and your in a bed. Had a bit of bleeding and cramping started the next day. Egg transfer is painless and quick. One thing i would recommend is definately pay for the time lap camera which monitors your eggs growing without human intervention. We didnt really know much about it but found out that they had used it on ours as they had some time left on it from another person. If they hadnt of used that possibly all our eggs may have died before it was detected as we had 11 collected, they all fertilised but all died on 2nd day apart from 1 which was a grade A so they put it back in 2 days after. Im now 16 weeks pregnant! Worked first time with us through icsi. Hubby has low sperm count. Best of luck!

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