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Medway or Maidstone??

Hi, we have been referred by our GP and have the choice of the Medway hospital or Medway by booking through 'Choose and Book'. When I look them both up on NHS choices, it shoes 33 days wait for Medway and 16 days for Maidstone. BUT when I start the booking process on the Choose and Book' system, it's showing a 23 day wait for Medway and a 35 day wait for Maidstone. Confused :( does anyone have experience of both and if so, any recommendations, regardless of wait time. Although I want to get there as quickly as possible I want to make sure we go to the best place for us. Thank you for any advice!!

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I don't have advice on either clinic but you could have a look at the HFEA site to see what the success rates etc are of both.


Either way you don't have long to wait now at all. Good luck! x

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Thank you hopeful1982 :) good luck to you too!! Tx


Hi Bell071,

I assume you have been referred to a consultant for further tests and to start the process. I am under Maidstone and my initial appointment was at Maidstone but I also had a scan a Pembury hospital as Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells are under the same trust. For the actual IVF treatment you are referred to a specialist clinic, I was given a choice of Canterbury, Orpington or Tunbridge Wells. I have chosen Canterbury as I live in Maidstone and work in Medway!

Therefore, bear in mind if you choose Maidstone you may have to travel to Pembury too as many services at Maidstone have been reduced. I did have blood tests at Maidstone but I believe they sent them to a lab in Medway anyway! All very confusing.

Please feel free to message me with any further questions.

Anjel x

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