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Feeling very low

Morning ladies, I'm just feeling so low right now. Am waiting for my doctor to come back to me with answers re clomid and today I'm going for fsh test. Got my period yesterday, 3 days late so had obviously got my hopes up and now feel worse than ever. Feel simultaneously like I should jump to ivf now but also feel like giving up. Sex is a nightmare and have never felt less attractive in my life. Is all just a nightmare and am dreading trying again this month as it's all so pointless and such an effort. I want a family so much and it's pulling me apart at the moment. So sorry for the rant, I need to let it out, feeling so sad :(

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I feel your pain and upset mate.

I to deed sex at ovulation time - hurts and is uncomfortable because of my condition - endometriosis. I understand.

We are now doing ivf - start this week - I'm scared and worried but hopeful. So unfair all I want is a family of my own.

Good luck

Stay positive



My feelings of unattractiveness have increased since investigations and 2 rounds of ICSI. I also think what's the point of having sex as a pregnancy is very unlikely.

Have you been offered counselling? Infertility is really hard to cope with and things often spark our feelings when we least expect it. I had a wobble yesterday and so feel a bit rubbish today too. I think this is normal as we're human and trying to cope with so,etching that is really hard. That's why I find this forum so supportive as everyone gets it on here.

Sending you a virtual hug.


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