I had my second scan today to check follicles etc (1st was Wednesday) they said they have grown etc etc got 19 on one side 18 on the other I think she said but she also pointed out a cyst then proceeded to not tell me any detail (our icsi is male factor not female). All she said was oh we will try and drain it when we do ec but now I'm wondering about it etc. anyone else had this?? X

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  • I am 8 weeks pregnant after ICSI and ultrasound scans have shown a large cyst on one of my ovaries- I've been told not to worry about it as it sometimes happens as a result of the IVF hormones. Cysts will normally disappear on their own so if they've not said anything it's probably nothing to worry about. Good luck for your EC. X

  • Thanks, I wasn't thinking totally bad but just annoyed me why mention it if it's nothing or ur not going to try and explain its nothing x

  • Just to say Lotbot I discovered I had a cyst on my right ovary (and a fibroid) I wasn't on any treatment or anything but they are quite common. Most cysts are harmless and most will disappear on their own accord. I saw a general gynae who was not at all concerned about the cyst but I am having the fibroid removed this month. Your clinic will decide whether it needs to be dealt with. Hopefully it'll just go on its own and cause no trouble. All the best 🍀 X

  • Thanks I've never had any problems with that or anything like that before it was just her reaction then the silence that followed with no extra info about it! X

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