This cannot be happening again :(

We had our 7 week scan this afternoon and we were so confident that this is our time. I have sore boobs, feel sick, no bleeding, no pain which suggested it was ectopic like last time.

The nurse said the sac, the heartbeat all looked great but she was concerned that it was measuring too small that there is something wrong. She said we are 7wks 2days but measuring 4.5mm and should be about 7mm. We are going back for a scan in 10 days but it was like they were preparing us for the worst. I just started sobbing sitting on the scan chair. She did say there was a chance it could catch up but they didn't seem hopeful.

The next 10 days are going to be torture, Im not sure I can go through this pain again, has anyone had a similar experience who can give me hope??


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  • Can't offer advice but I am so sorry you are going through this, and the next 10 days are going to be a struggle but try and stay positive xxx

    Thinking of you 💕

  • Thanks so much X

  • Aww Raglee this happen to us in October last year, it is awful. The 10 days is torture. I'm sorry I can't offer a happy ending as mine wasn't. Big hugs x

  • Thanks for kind words and I'm so sorry this has happened to you too X

  • I am so sorry that you are going through this hun, I hope everything works out ok. I have my fingers crossed for you xx

  • Ah sweetheart, I'm so sorry to read your news. That is just awful and my heart goes out to you and your partner. How worrying for you, sending you lot of love and hugs and peace to make it through the next 10 days 😘 xx

  • I can sympathise with always have to have hope and some people do go on to have a happy ending...x

  • I'm so sorry to read you have been through this too xx

  • Oh no☹️ I'm sorry. As the others have said there's still hope. 🙏 You get a happy ending xxx

  • So sorry hun..the next 10 days will be awful but I am so hoping it will be good news..sending hugs xxx

  • Sending huge hugs and positive vibes xxxxxxx

  • I'm so sorry Raglee. A similar thing has happened to me and my little babba at my 8 week scan today. My babba is only measuring much the same as the 6 week scan and this time they found no heartbeat. It's 2:30 am so technically this was yesterday now and today is my birthday, it seems like some kind of sick joke! I'm not in any pain. Physically. I'm not bleeding. I still have symptoms of pregnancy like you do. I've got a hospital appointment on Wednesday...

    I'm so sorry you're going to have to wait ten days, that is truly agonising. Although my heart is breaking too, I send you my love and best wishes. Drop me a line if you need to talk xx

    Ps, I hope for a miracle for you and your little bean

  • I pray for you that the lady was just being over cautious and that baby will grow. It happens and I hope everything with be fine xx

  • What a horrible position to be in...I really feel for you and what's going to be a long 10 days for you. Try to concentrate on the positives ie. Sac & heartbeat looked fine. Maybe little bean will have a growth spurt in the next wk or so...fingers crossed for you xx

  • Dear this is really hard. Sending u loads of hugs. Maybe d little bean will catch up in next 10 days . Keep ur faith dear.

  • Oh hun, I'm sorry to read this. I can't imagine how stressful this must be. Good luck for the next scan. Praying for a good outcome xxx

  • Oh hun it's very stressful but since there was a heartbeat do not give up yet. My beanie B was a mere 2.5mm at my 6 week scan (beanie A was 4.7mm!) and they were very doubtful about the survival of the twin. But through some amazing unexpected miracle beanie B started catching up and both were about the same size by week 10! I don't want to give any false hope but you do have to fight for it! Maybe suggest the next scan in 7 days instead of 10? That's what my clinic did last year before my mc. Lots of luck and hugs during this difficult time xoxo

  • Thank you so much X

  • Praying for you. Never loose hope. Xx

  • I am so sorry to read your post. Thinking of you at this difficult time. We had to go back a week later for scans after we lost our heartbeat and I know how hard it is. Emotions everywhere. Bad days. Good says. Hope days.

    There is nothing you can do and nothing you did do. It's a horrid and cruel waiting game.

    Take care of yourself and be kind to yourself. I really hope you receive better news in 10 days but it sounds like you are a realist and preparing for all possibilities.


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