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Consultants verdict 'bad luck'

So today I went for my review after our second failed ivf cycle. In her professional opinion it was just bad luck. There is no reason for the failure.

We did talk about NK cells but she said it's still in the research stage and that the person doing the research is not sure about the levels when it becomes an issue.

She told me about genetic testing but that will cost, wait for it £3000 and then they may not find anything.

So we have to accept the bad luck stick with having the scratch and the glue and hope for the best.

Not hopeful at all at least by August I will know what my future will be, family unit or just the two of us.

Roll on August

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By genetic testing I presume on the embryos? Have you had basic tests which can be done through your GP like karyotype? Re immune system, again there are some basic tests which can be done like thrombophilia panel; you should also check vitamin D levels. Thing is, it may be bad luck; when you look at success rates, it's actually more likely to fail. Some clinics will give a low dose steroid as preventive for immunes but not really worth to if no issue. Some will also give intralipids and/or Clexane/baby aspirin too. You can get immune testing separate to your IVF clinic if you were interested but it is pricey.


Thanks for info think first stop is Gp feel I have some direction thanks xxxx


We've also had 2 failed rounds and our consultant wasn't able to give an explanation for the failures. It seems there's so much they don't know about fertility. Because of my age we're going to use donor eggs. If it doesn't work with a donor we'll have to accept it's not going to happen for us.

Immunology testing has been suggested at extra cost of course but like NK cells there haven't been enough studies done to evaluate whether they make a difference or not. My GP has agreed to do a lot of them.

Good luck for August.


Thank you have you seen hop36 response, seems like good advice.

Good luck to you xx


I've had my bloods taken today, my GP ordered most of the tests for me. Perhaps yours will do the same?


Hello! I hope you don't mind me commenting but I am in the same situation like you. I was told there was not any reason for it not happening. So I call a specialist who work specifically with people who have failed implantation and she advised doing the three main testing. This is Thyroid function, vitamin D and Karyotype male and female test. So I returned to my IVF doctor asking about these. She said it is a good idea but it is expensive, however there are things that you can do to treat the issues if it comes back showing a problem. In addition to these she also recommended the, Auto antibodies test, this is thyroid antibodies and the antinuclear factor. She also suggested me doing Endometrial natural killer cells, (biopsy).

Also she recommend that I have the Thrombophilia/ antiphospholipid syndrome test. These consist of; Lupus anticoagulant, Protein S, Protein C, Antithrombin 3, Factor v Leiden, Prothrombin gene mutation G20210A and Carholipin antibodies. i took my list to my Gp explaining that I was seeing a private clinic and this is what needed. My doctor was very nice,he requested bloods for all the test to see if I could get them on the NHS, thankfully I got them all except the Endometrial natural killer cells biopsy, however I got the Endometrial natural killer cells blood test done at the GP. So to cut a long story short I will say try anything you will never know. At least you give it your all. A waiting on my blood results now, I gave it a good. I did not have to pay for most of my test just two. Finger cross for you.

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That's a lot of really good info, how long does it take for the tests to be done.

Really thankful for you sharing this thanks


Hi! Kirdrew, The nurse took all the bloods the same day, she said expect the results in a week time. However the Endometrial natural killer cells biopsy has to be on day 21 after your period. I can't have unprotected sex during that time. I has to call the first day of my cycle starting so they can book me in. They will do the Karyotype test on the same day to.


Good luck with your test results. I have booked a Gp appointment so hopefully they will help me.

Thank you again sorry for late response.

Fingers crossed xx


It okay, we are in the same situation, you welcome. I wish you all the best.


Hi, I also had a lot of extra tests done after our last IVF as I have Endometriosis and other autoimmune issues such as Allergies and Asthma. I got my thyroid tested and also went to Coventry to see Professor Siobhan Quenby in Coventry for the uterine Natural Killer Cells Biopsy test & scratch. My result came back as very high! The normal range is 5% and mine came back at over 25%! Quenby's research has shown to be very effective & she has great success with prescribing prednisolone, clexane & extra progesterone to women with failed cycles and repeated miscarriages. My Dr agreed with me so this time given my very high NKC's we will try Quenby's treatment plan. The biopsy test & consultation costs £360 and she has recommended to get my thyroid checked, too. I did that for free on the NHS. My thyroid was normal at 1.5 :-)

Good luck x


I had the same at our last consultants appt after 2 x failed ICSI cycles. We tried an intralipid drip with the last cycle for NK cells, he said they've stopped doin it now as theyre not seeing any success from using it

Were unexplained as well, our clinic seems to try blood thinners, steroids etc without doing those tests. Luckily they throw them in for free as we're paying for treatment now.

If you can get tests from your gp for free then great but I wouldn't throw a load of money at getting them done x


Hi! rainbowbreeze80, my doctor did mention that she would not mind just giving me steroids or etc without doing the test to avoid the cost. I was happy to do this because it is cheaper. However she said that these treatment may have side effect and she would not be able to justify giving it without being tested. She does not want to treat something if it not a problem.


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