I'm afraid that I won't get pregnant

So let me introduce myself. I don't want to disclose my name but I am 26 and have been trying for a baby for almost 2 years now. I know this is a short time when comparing it to other people's stories but I feel like I really want to be a mother now. I ovulated on Saturday and am praying that I am pregnant as my periods tend to be a month and a half apart. In ultrasound I had last week shows my ovaries are enlarged but they have not yet confirmed poly cystic overies. Does anyone share in my experience as I would love to hear about yours ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  • Hello! Welcome to the site. I have also been ttc for 2 years and have just started my first round of IVF. It is really hard. I have had lots of tears and tantrums during the time we've been trying! I went to see a counsellor whigh was a huge help and something I would recommend if you're finding it hard.

    Take care and best of luck x

  • Thank you for your response and encouragement. I have just been given an appointment to see a gynaecologist at the end of the month to discuss my options x

  • Hope the appointment goes well x

  • I am 26 also I like urself wanted to be a mum

    And tried for a couple of years with no success after all the tests the doctors told me they could see no reason for why I wasn't falling pregnant ..... I was then told I was eligible for ivf on these grounds ..... I had my first cycle and it worked I'm currently 18 weeks pregnant ........ The only thing is when I was younger 13-16 I was in hospital a few times having cysts removed from my Fallopian tubes the doctors says that the tubes were not scarred but I can't help thinking think was the reason I couldn't Concieve naturally as I had no problems at all with the ivf everything went completely fine ...... Stay strong and good luck huni All the best xxxxx

  • I feel possitive hearing of your experience shared. Congratulations and I will keep you posted x

  • Hi BabyloveS. All I need to say is that you have tried for 2 years now, and it seems as if you are at the start of investigations, so letโ€™s hope that blood tests and any procedures donโ€™t take too long to get under way. I know we would all like to conceive without any help at all, so of course, I wish you huge luck with whatever is decided for you. Diane

  • Thank you x

  • I know what ur going thru..I've been trying to get pregnant for awhile now BTW I'm 28 and its been hard.I was told that my prolactine level was high so I'm on bromocriptine to lower it..I also have pcos so I'm hoping this medication works...just pray and hope for the best

  • I wish you all the best with you current medication plan. I have an appointment with the gynaecologist to discuss what my treatment plan is at the end of the month x

  • Thank you for your response. I have been praying hard and trying not to focus on it too much but it's very difficult.

    I wish you all the best and let me know how everything goes with your treatment ๐Ÿ˜Š

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