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Seeing consultant on Monday! !

Been a wee bit down over last cpl of months had hsg test end of Jan and done the worst thing ever and Google all abt it and the outcomes of course everyone who had it done and had dye go thru was preg within 2 mths I am still not preg seeing my consultant on Monday and hoping that we will get some answers even if it's to tell us that r option is ivf at least we can make plans just had that we bit of hope that after tubular surgery I'd maybe be able to concive naturally.....

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Sorry to hear that I know that feeling I thought I'd fall after the hsg with all I read on google and was heartbroken when that didn't happen at the time I didn't know I had a fibroid (which I'm having removed) I guess for some women it does work but I wonder what it is stastically for conceiving after hsg. It would interesting to know. I reckon it must be a 50/50 chance.

Sometimes the internet is an amazing tool of knowledge other times it can be very misleading and cannot be trusted for medical advice as we are all different and what works for one individual may not work for another. We've all done it and I'm not juding in anyway but really it is best to talk to the experts in the field the ones who spent many many years studying and training and will know your medical background and know what the right way forward for you. All I've achieved by googling fertilty stuff is driving myself mad!!! It's never ever worth it.

Look forward to your appointment is another step you are taking towards having your baby it is a very positive step you taking. It will feel great to get a plan together and feel like you're moving forward and making progress. And if you like taking some control over this. ;)

. I know it must be terribly disappointing that you didn't conceive naturally and you're bound to feel upset. I really get that.Don't feel bad for feeling like that. Some days are harder than others. I always say when I'm having a bad day with it to my husband " today I feel like crap, I need to rant cry and get it out of my system. But 2morro is a new day and I will feel better but today I dont" . Allow yourself to feel these emotions and then move on (when you feel ready) You are not alone we all here have bad days and can relate to what you're saying I know I can. Go treat yourself do something for you, coz you matter too. Whether it is do it! Be kind to yourself and remember it's not your fault.

Just to want to finish by wishing you the very best for your appointment hope you get some answers and can move forward to the next stage. Let me know how you get on here if you need to talk X

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Aww thank you for your lovely reply I just feel so deflated today I had ivf in 2009 after being told in 2007 I'd never be able to concive had miscarriage have had nothing but trouble with gyne all my life had an op privately Oct 2013 to have a cyst removed and when I came round consultant said he had operated on my tubes and there was now a chance of concieving naturally I couldn't believe it then was rushed to hospital in may 2014 had ectopic was so lucky the consultant was who i had seen privately I have so much faith in this man himself I lost the tube I had ectopic in and he operated on the other one hense why I had hag test the lady who done it said dye went through but that was it I assumed that was great and I would have a chance to concive naturally but now I'm thinking it will be back to ivf roll on Monday for some ans xxx


Hi Sam I know that very feeling. I went for a hsg 6 weeks ago which I found incredibly painful and nearly passed out on them. My test results came back my tubes were basically done for so to speak (no better way to put it). I went to see my doctor and I heard the words 'you will never concieve naturally', if I did conceive naturally he said its a very high percentage of having an ectopic pregnancy which isn't good.

I waited another 3 weeks and just this week have been for a scan to see if anything has changed unfortunately it hasn't and we are now considering tubal removal meaning we are ultimately means ivf. Hope all goes well for you. It's nice to be able to talk to people in similar situations.

Stacie x


Aww I'm so Sorry to hear that pet I hope all goes well at least you knew soon after I've been waiting since end of Jan only getting my results and seeing consultant on Monday I feel in my heart it will be ivf but I don't k ow how I will feel being told the second time that I can't have children it's just so heart breaking also there is the money side of it and ivf is so expensive we will be pinning all r hopes on one treatment xx


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