What a knock back :(

Okay so I had a phone call from the clinic to say that basically only 1 of the remaining 4 embryos made it to "almost blastocyst" so they asked me if I wanted to freeze it knowing the quality. The others just were either of poor quality or stopped dividing.

Little did I realise that the two embryos inside me were not able to be graded because they hadn't quite reached blastocyst. I burst into tears when I got off the phone with my hopes shattered. I wasn't prepared for this, I never had doubts and now I can't get excited because of this doubt. Has anyone been in this situation and had a BFP?

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  • Aw I am sorry to hear that and agree a shock you defo didn't need. I would still freeze your one and keep believing that your two on board are made of strong stuff and will come good xxx

  • Thank you, yeah I'm trying to remain positive and keeping myself occupied but I guess sometimes you can't help but doubt and worry. Roll on test day so I can be put out of my misery haha x

  • Know what you mean I feel flat today, feels worst 2nd time round the dread and fear creeping in, just wish it was test day soon lol X

  • So sorry Tara, that's not what you wanted to hear :( Try to stay positive, you have two embies on board and they need all your energy in them, here's hoping they're tough little cookies and sticky beans!!! x x x

  • Thank you ladies for your support. I'm gonna try my best to keep busy and hopeful x

  • It's all so difficult. Hopefully your embies are bedding in, they are in the best place. It might not feel lucky but you have got a back up in the freezer.

    Fingers crossed for a BFP.

  • Thank you, we are trying to wish these embies well :) x

  • I had 2 early blasts transferred that were unable to be graded and I got my 1st ever Bfp last month, sadly I have misscaried but it had nothing to do with them. Good luck , praying you have sticky ones on board xx

  • Sorry to hear your embies didn't stay on board. Hope your doing okay? And thank you for sharing that is reassuring to know that ungraded embies can stick, that's what I need to hear to retain hope. My OH has low sperm and motility and I wonder whether that has something to do with the quality? X

  • Im getting there slowly thank you πŸ˜™ My husband has exactly the same as your OH so shouldn't make a difference that's what icsi is used for lovely. Having 2 gives u a higher chance of success so try to think positive :) only 1 we seen on our scan so will never know which one stuck. Our next step is to see why we misscaried.

    Glad it's given u a bit of hope that it actually can work with ungraded embies , take care of yourself now and no heavy lifting πŸ˜™ good luck, fingers crossed for you. Xx

  • I hope you get to the bottom of why they did not stick as I can imagine how important that is moving forwards. Try not to self diagnose (I'm a victim of that lol). My OH said he wants to ban me from the Internet hahahaha. I've got a couple days off work and my transfer was on Saturday so here's hoping that is enough time to rest xx

  • Yes very important to me because I think I have been doing this for a long time before the ivf so need some tests done now before we pay for our next round.

    Ah I drove myself and my husband mad with 'googling' πŸ™ˆ and i still am doing it but researching other things lol such a bad habit 😞 ha

    Pineapple, plenty of water, high protein diet , long walks to keep your blood circulating. Take care will check back to see how u get on 😚 x

  • Lol yes it's definately an addiction of mine. Thanks dear will keep posted, all the best xx

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