Early period surprise start

Hey ladies

My AF has decided to come early than expected so we are starting today instead of next week or week after. Kind of scared now but trying to stay positive feeling confident some days and not the other days .

So here we go cycle 2....

Good luck to you all waiting, starting, scanning and all the rest

Prayers and baby dust to us all xxx

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  • Wishing you every success for this attempt. Stay positive. Look after yourself and really hope you get yr positive you deserve xx

  • Thank you my sweet good luck with everything xxxx

  • Good luck, I'm embarking on my first round as soon as my period starts and I'm scared too. I'll be thinking of you. Xxx

  • Thanknyou so much and good luck hope u get ur BFP XXX

  • Good luck Tamtam1! x

  • How funny. My period has strted early too and I'm going in for my scan earlier than expected. Then fingers crossed the injection can start. It's scary and exciting at the same time

  • Hiya

    I didn't have a scan pre start perhaps cod I have already been through the process.... Will ask my consultant about that.

    Have you had the endo scratch? Are you private ?

    Is it just IVF you see having or Icsi?

    Good luck with the whole process hope you get your BFP


  • They haven't been a endo scratch to us. Is that weird?

    We are going nhs. And we've been told ivf

    Good luck to you too x

  • No not weird every place is different. Can I ask why you are having treatment?

    We had cycle of IVF as first attempt and sadly that failed and now we have fresh cycle ICSI.

    Fingers crossed for us and every other woman xxxx

  • Good luck Tamtam! Sending you lots of pregnancy wishes :-) xxx

  • Just been trying for over 2 years so the next step was ivf x

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