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2nd Attempt...up and down

I have my up and down days, a lot of family and friends seem to be getting pregnant must be the time of year of something……Had a consultation in May before I went on holiday and was happy to find out that I could try again June, I was gutted to find out I was actually pregnant but lost after 4 days. The positive I can take from this is that it did actually work, that I can get pregnant, the mission now is to try again and hope that I don’t lose again. Fingers crossed my FET is the end of June depending on scan results. I’m trying to make sure that I keep calm this second attempt especially now I know the procedure, I also decided to speak to my manager as my first attempt I decided not to and I think that stressed me out trying to find reasons to get off work for appointments. I’m also trying acupuncture to the run up to FET, anyone tried this?…..

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Hi Suzanne, I can recommend being as open with your boss as possible as it helps a great deal not having to worry about time off work or hiding stuff. If you feel rotten or have a bad day during treatment they know why too and it takes the pressure off. Lots of luck!! xx


I tried Accupunctutre with second try and I found it really helped keep me calm. I got a bfp, and am now 12 weeks! ! Xx

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