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2nd attempt of ICSI, endo scratch?!


Hi ladies,

Sorry I've been a bit quiet since we got our BFN. It has been so tough, this is the first time I have felt the strain of me and my other half. We have both felt really raw and every time it gets mentioned we both get a bit bitter. Thankfully things have calmed down and I think we are ready to go again on next cycle.

I have seen some things on the endo scratch but don't really know if it helps. I am going to talk to our clinic but wondered on views regarding this? Do it help?

Hope everyone is okay and sending baby dust and sticky thoughts to all xxx

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Hi ya, I am also on 2nd cycle, I had the scratch this time, didnt get it on the first cycle as it was nhs an wasn't offered. I'm currently on stimms which isn't going to plan, currently sitting here in the clinic to collect extra injections as scan yest shows the follicles are a bit slow progressing . If i get to transfer stage 🤞 il let u know the result, tho there isn't much evidence on it but it only costs £100 so i just thought I may as well give it a go, not much extra money on the grand scheme of things x

Do you think that is anything to do with the scratch? I didn't have much going on the first cycle and they upped my dose so fingers crossed they up yours to get them follies growing!! Thanks hun, good luck xxx


Hi oharal. This is something more and more ladies are thinking about doing.. New research and evidence suggests that scratching the uterine lining causes a ‘repair reaction’ which may increase embryo implantation rates. There have also been studies that show it also promotes uterine stem cells to develop. More research is underway to understand exactly how this works, but results look promising. Just wanted to wish you well next time and god luck if you decide to have this done. Thinking of you. Diane

oharal in reply to DianeArnold

Thanks for the reply, it was very helpful! thanks x

hi my lovely, am sorry for your loss, it’s so painful and affects every aspect of our lives. good to hear you & your partner are working through it together.

i’m on my third attempt (self funded) and had scratch last month ahead of FET - it was £200. scratch wasn’t mentioned until my private consultation, but i wish i’d know about it before my last round.

my transfer is next week, so will be able to tell you if it was worth it or not in about 3 weeks!

sending positive vibes ✨✨✨

oharal in reply to -noodles-

thank you so much; good luck for your transfer next week!!! Sticky thoughts and baby dust xxx

I’ve had the scratch 2/4 cycles both have been unsuccessful, the 2x I didn’t have it I became pregnant but unfortunately ended in MMC. I think I’m in the minority of not finding them beneficial as my consultant it all for them but I would say if it’s something you haven’t tried before, it’s worth trying. I think sometimes even for your mental health knowing your doing something different can help xx

oharal in reply to E_05

Hi E, thanks for your advice. Very true on the mental health side of things. Sorry to hear about the MMC :( xx

I think it’s definitely worth a try. I’ve had three now xx

oharal in reply to Tugsgirl

ill speak with clinic, thanks xx

Hi, sorry things have been tough for you both. I think the anger and resentment is part of the grieving process. My husband and I have waves of this too. Hope you are beginning to feel a little stronger now that you’re considering further treatment.

I’ve had the ENDO scratch a couple of times now. It’s not too expensive (£150) and a quick procedure. I thought I might as well have it, couldn’t do any harm xx

oharal in reply to Dunla

Its hard on both parties isn't it! I spoke to clinic and I get it in my funding but they don't like to give it unless you have 2 failed cycles xxx

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