Today post 4dt I noticed that all the crione I put in this morning came out in one big clump 3 hours layers.

Called clinic and they have now put me on higher does of cyclogyst. Not really explaining anything to me I am worried about the switch over😞

Want to be covered with the right amount I need and not over excerpt things....

Anyone experience this?

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  • Hi I was worried about losing the cyclogest as well in my first IVF cycle but they told me that you get the actual hormone in about 15-20 mins, so if it is longer than that don't worry.

    Bit icky I know but honestly I found using the cyclogest up the back passage far easier and less messy in the end!!

  • Thanks honey...2 fresh cycle 4dpt of 3 day ET not really feeling much gong on sharp pains here and there, back ache, bit temperamental.other than than losing your positivity 😞

    Did you get a BFP?

  • Hi yes I am now 32 weeks pregnant. I wish the same to you xx

  • Cyclogest is less messy than the gel. Basically the same thing. Cuz it's a bit firmer it won't fall out with a giant sneeze. And absorbed quickly.

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