Help needed 😢

Woke up this morning to spotting bright pink when I wipe. I'm not sure if this is due to me stopping my medication. I'm wearing a pantiliners has the spotting isn't bad but it's enough. I've also got slight pain to my right side. Only had my 12 week scan yesterday surly it can't be over for me. If any1 has had this please help reassure me. Thanks

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  • A bleed a lot threw pregnancy but call ur maternity unit for advice . I was rare blood group so was always needing ant d injection , all will be fine stay calm as can be xxx

  • It can be normal but always check with our midwife just in case xxx

  • I had a massive bleed at 16 weeks - everything with the baby was fine. I had an issue with my cervix eroding (which isn't a big problem)

    Don't panic. Call the EPU and ask for some advice xxx

  • When I saw my midwife she told me if ive have emergency I've to ring my doctor as they don't see you until 16weeks. Epu says unless I'm cramping and it's bright red try not to worry has I had a scan yesterday and all we ok . I just feel like there not bothered at all so much has happened with this pregnancy I just want it to be ok. I'm going to see how I go through out today if it gets worse I'll go to A&E. Thanks guys x

  • Keep us posted. Thinking of you x

  • Horrible feeling know it well but just keep on at them or even just turn up as so easy for them to say dont worry but horrible waiting and u will want to no how baby is even if bleeding stops xxx

  • Hi vonny27. My dear girl, this is so scary for you! This often happens when the womb is at the top of your pubic hairline, which is where your little one is now. Hopefully just down to stretching. Just rest when you can, and I really wouldn't worry too much unless it becomes bright red and really fills your pad. So common unfortunately. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks DianeArnold I've really hope your right. Cheers again

  • Thinking of you. Try to rest and stay positive. Xxxx

  • Thinking of you xxxx

  • Hey lovely rest up as much as you can it's massively worrying. I had a bleed last week (9w4d) and all was well with little one then again last night (10w5d) and today ive had stabby pains ... just crossing everything that all is well! This being pregnant malarkey isnt easy esp as we've already been through the mill trying to get there! Xx

  • Hi guys thanks for the comments I've been to see my GP who is going to ring me in morning to book me in for a scan just to reassure me. I'm so grateful for that. The bleeding has slowed down and turned from pink to darkish brown with what looks like little grains in it TMI I know sorry. Thanks again I'll keep you all posted. X

  • Hope ur scan went well xxx

  • Hi hun well my doctor got me in the EPU this afternoon but unfortunately they refused to scan me as they only do scans on a morning. I kicked off and now I've a scan tmoz thank the lord someone listened to me. X

  • That's terrible , least you no can go back tomorrow hoped ur doing okay , yes defo need to kick off sometime for them to help , xx

  • It was horrendous honest can't see a midwife until your 16wks epu said I couldn't go there due to been ova 12 wks by a day. It's a joke then we got told we can go to epu and we'd been given wrong information so sad honest. Get there and they wasn't interested until I flipped. Glad I did tho as I've a scan. Thanks Melaineh x

  • Well best of lick tomorrow am sure al be fine . Good luck be thinking of you can let us no how you get on xx

  • I had the same at 10 weeks bright clarit red , no pain was scanned and they said it was implantation bleed ! Xx

  • What a nightmare Hun ! Fingers crossed for tomorrow x

  • Well done you for kicking off!! Will be thinking of you again tomorrow xx

  • How u get on today xx

  • Hey Melaineh everything went well today I got to see my coco bean who I'll tell ya was very active jumping all over. The nurse checked my uterus and couldn't find any blood or even where the blood might of come from. So who knows why or where it's come from. I've stopped bleeding now so I'm grateful for that it's just mind boggling honest. One thing is for sure this baby is defo keeping me on my toes. X

  • Amazing news , nice active baby , yes the defo like to make us worry and it's worry the full way threw but worth it all . Hope bubba behaves now no more scares 😆😃 xx

  • So glad to read everything is ok! I worried till I held him that something would go wrong. Be strong and keep believing xx

  • Hey vonny27 how are you doing? X

  • I'm OK hun thanks 16wks tmoz got a scan on Thursday to just make sure all is OK. How's u hun? hope all is OK xx

  • Good luck with your scan! I was a bit worried as you've been a bit quiet. I'm ok. I've been down regulating for my fet and had terrible headaches but I'm ok atm X

  • Yeah I still come on now and again but don't want to keep posting has I don't want to upset ppl who are getting bfn also it upsets me when I read sad stories. Oh I suffer bad headaches must be a symptom. Glad your doing ok keep me updated. X

  • I hope you'll update us on your next scan. I for one definitely don't get upset when I see bfps and scans on here, this is the only time I'm not consumed by jealousy, I'm filled with hope! However I understand the flip side too, it's hard hearing and seeing the sad news. X

  • I will do hun xx

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