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Insulin Resistence and treatment

Do any of you have Insulin Resistence? One of the symptoms of this medical condition is that it is hard to loose weight. I needed another lb to go before I was at the top end of the weight scale and now I am 2lb over. I've got my consultant appointment next week and I'm worried that I wo't be able to be treated (one minute I'm worrying about treatment and the next I'm worried in case I can't have treatment) argh!!

It all seems a bit too much to deal with.

I'm going to try the slimming world approach where you eat protein without carbs or when you have carbs you have them with a vegetarian option and no protein. I lost a little with this before so we shall see.

I know how a hamster feels on his wheel - its exhausting! x

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Hi there, I can recommend slimming world, it is really fab. I am a little insulin resistance and even before I found out I lost nearly 1st at slimming world. Now I am taking Metformin which helps with the insulin resistance. My top tip is not to snack on fruit or carbs (or anything with sugar) keep snaks to ham and boiled eggs.


Thank you for your message.

I think you have a protein day one day and a carb day the next don't you?

I guess a little fruit is good too?

Christina x


I got insulin resistance from skipping breakfasts, not eating regularly, fasting and from emotional shocks and traumas. I successfully treated in on my own by changing my diet, eating more yogurt, protein, avoiding wheat whenever i could, and adding supplements such as vitamin D, Chromium, Inositol and Magesium citrate.

The alternative is Metformin, if you prefer drugs. x


Thank you for your reply. I'm doing slimming world but find it rather boring! Where I don't mix protein wth carbs.

A doctor hasn't advised me on supplements yet, the only thing I take is Folic Acid. I will be taking loads of medication when my treatment starts so for now I'm a bit wary of taking anything extra. It makes sense what you've tried x


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