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Hi ladies I'm new here ...... my story is I have a low hormone level and my fiance has a slightly low sperm count we were told we had to have icsi (first cycle) .... everything was going great and i was responding better than expected ...... on Thursday I had my eggs retrieved and had 8 I was over the moon on friday I got the phone call from the embryologist who told me 5 were suitable for injection but sadly 0 fertilised ..... has anyone else been through this ???? I have been told they are going to review my case .... but I feel lost have no idea what to do. I'm scared they won't give me a second chance.

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Hello Kimmy1988, I'm sorry this has happened. You must be incredibly disappointed. I'm not sure why this happened and I've not had this experience myself but I do recall reading a story on this site where a similar thing happened and she did go on to conceive, so all is not lost! I hope your follow up appointment goes well. Take care of yourself x


Thank you.... yes it really is disappointing.... and it's got me Down as I haven't got a date for a follow up yet I will probably be better once I've got that and know what's going on xxx


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