Embryo on board!

I have had an up and down day today.

With yesterday's call the embryologist told me that we had 8 grade 1 embryos, four of them with the ideal four cells, the others with varying quantities, and one grade 2 embryo with four cells, we were pretty happy. This morning the call wasn't as good.

Three grade 3s with 7 and 8 cells, 4 grade 2 cells with 7 and 8 cells, and two grade 1s, 8 cells and 10 cells. They called us in today for a 3dt. When we got there the embryologist talked us through the lot of them, including the changes that they had made since the call a few hours earlier.

They have decided to freeze three embryos, and have today transferred the embryo that was measuring 10 cell grade 1 this morning, as that was looking the best at time of transfer. The rest they are keeping out for monitoring, but are not hopeful that they will make it to the blastocyst stage.

In the first instance, we have an embryo on board! Hooray! Pregnancy test booked in for 7th September, so now we enter into yet another 2WW (though this time a little different than all of the others).

But I can't help but feel this sense of dread, that I'm sure many of you are familiar with! I was really gutted after today's phone call, with how the embryos have developed. I don't really have a measuring stick for this as I've no idea what is a normal result to expect, having never done it before. Am I silly worrying about this?

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  • A 10 cell embryo sounds great and the fact you've got some frozen ones is excellent!

  • Those embryos sound great to me. On my last cycle we had 2 grade 2's and 2 grade 3's. They were left to blastocyst and all 4 made it with 3 expanded blastocysts. I can't understand why they are being so pessimistic with you as yours sound much better than what we had. 2 made it to freeze and having our fet late September. Our consultant seems optimistic with ours. X

  • It is a lot less than they expected. I have PCOS so had over 60 follicles (fortunately no OHSS) and they expected more than the 16 eggs they retrieved, and more than the 9 that made it. Obviously those are still great numbers but they were expecting a lot more with our case. Anyway, I'm sure I'm over thinking it! Thanks for the encouragement, all the best with your cycle in Septemver xx

  • wow that great Hun 10 cell on board πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ€ and few to freeze πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ look after your self Hun ... XxπŸ€πŸ€

  • Wishing you lots of luck toots, what a nerve wracking time!!xx

  • Don't lose hope I had eight eggs retrieved 7 fertilised an had two put in rest unsuitable and we got our BFP first scan next week good luck to u xxx

  • Ahhhh that is amazing! Congratulations! PS love the spelling of your name, that's how my name is spelt too. I hardly see it at all in England! Xx

  • I like it now but I always remember never being able to have things with my name on as a kid as never spelt right but now I've done the same to my daughter she's Lyla xx

  • Your numbers sound fab and the transferred one was the best of the bunch at the time, so it's the one to be focused on for now :-)

    Our consultant said anything really with grade 1-3 stands a chance and as you've probably read on here, anything is possible, so don't give up.

    It's bad your clinic are putting a downer on things...there aren't many clinics that would want you to have 60 follicles, whether they are closely monitoring you or not, mainly due to the possible risk to you.

    Time to relax and look after you both on your 2ww.


  • Well done they are great no's. I had two 3 day 6 cells put on board back in July and I'm now 10 weeks pregnant. I had none suitable for freezing. I felt down when I heard mine were only 6 cell but slow and steady can be good too.Had my first scan 2 weeks ago and could see the heart beat . I'd be really positive with yours as you got great results. Hope the 2ww goes quick for you x

  • That's given me some hope! I had 2 embies transferred, one was a 10 cell grade 2 because it started to fragment and the other a 8 cell grade 1 and had my transfer on day 3, so I'm keeping everything crossed for my test date, this week. I had none suitable for freezing either.

    With your situation, if like yourself, hopefully it would of worked for me too! x

  • Congratulations to you! Huge news, especially with none frozen, it outs more pressure on the cycle huh. So absolutely fab xx

  • Lots and lots of luck wishing you all the best I phoned this morn we r to wait till Tues for transfer 😍 we hopefully be pregnant together xo

  • Wahoo! I think this community is great, knowing that other people are on the same timing as you and you're all in it together. Best of luck to you, hoping that the embryo they choose is a strong and determined one. Xxxx

  • Your numbers sound great, try not to fixate too much on how many eggs and what grade they are... you only need 1 embryo!!! Good luck xx

  • Thank you for the great advice! I had heard about the pineapple trick on another forum so have been having a little each day since transfer. Also completely off caffeine, and doing my best with the protein too. Nice to have a few extra tips 😊 Thanks! Xx

  • Hi Hopefulmamma - First of all congratulations on being PUPO! I hope you're looking after yourself. It's great that you've got a freeze too, that's a really successful result. With regard to the worrying it would be perfectly natural regardless of how many or what grade your embryos are. It's a stressful, nerve-wracking time. The best thing for now is to concentrate on your little embie on board :) Lots of luck for the next week, not long to go now! x x x

  • I know most of the pregnancy board acronyms, but I admit I had to look up PUPO. Pregnant until proven otherwise - I am aren't I?! It is exciting to think about. So far so good with the 2ww, it has flown by. But the second week is always the hardest I suppose!

  • Good luck for your test today!! Fingers crossed for a BFP! xxx

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