Low HCG Levels, is there still hope?

Hi Ladies. I haven't posted in a long while but have still being reading up and gaining much knowledge from all you lovely people and I guess the reason for not posting is that someone always asks the question which is on my mind :-).

After our stressful 2ww which ended Monday the 28th we were told that the results came back with a faint positive and they will retest on Wednesday. HCG levels were low :-( Now its the stressful day to day wait.

We had a 5DFET. I was so good and didn't do early testing however like many of the ladies I could not take it anymore and we tested Fri 8DP and Sat9DP, was really anxious as I didn't get my MP like I did on all our other failed attempts. Also felt really positive about this one with the different cramping to the period cramp and a bit of upper back pain, no other symptoms. Fri was a very faint line and you could almost miss it and Sat with a digital test it came up as pregnant. Was over the moon and so confident on Monday, never expected to see the nurse come into the room with a sad face :-(. Please ladies, if you can hold out testing early, please do. We were ecstatic over on the weekend, putting all our happiness in the digital test and on Monday our world came crumbling down. The test almost looked like the one we did on Friday just slightly darker. Now we hoping and praying the levels increase and our precious one pulls through. Its our last attempt :-(

Please let me know if anyone has experienced this and had a positive outcome. I see we are a few on the 2ww around the same time and ladies I've been praying hard for us all whilst following your journeys.

Wishing you your little miracle/s soon:-)

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  • Sorry, not 2ww, 10 days as this was a FET.

  • I can't help you but I just wanted to wish you luck x

  • Everything crossed for you Hope! Hoping your hcg continues to rise


  • Its all over ladies :-(:::. , don't know if my heart can go through this again. Monday HCG was 48.5 and after all the reading up I did I still saw plenty of hope.

    There wasn't even a second line today :-(

    Wishing you all of the best xx

  • Sorry to hear this, sadly we have been through this getting a bfp then a week later nothing so I know how you feel. Look after yourself xxx

  • Thanks Hun. I'm sorry to hear of your news as well. Takes you from a high to a low in 2 seconds :-(. Take care and best wishes.

  • Sorry to hear this ๐Ÿ˜ž

  • Thanks Hun :-(

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