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False positive?....help

Hi everyone, I'm sorry to say that I am weak and i took my clear blue today on day 9 instead of Tuesday day 11. I'm in on my own and thought I'll take it now so I have all Sunday to get upset if negative coz I can't afford not to go to work when I take test Tuesday. I'm only on progesterone (bullet tablets up the bum) and progynova. Mine is an egg donation. No injections taken. I don't have periods. My sister donated her eggs. So my test I's POSITIVE. Could this be a false reading? It says pregnant 2-3. what do you think? X x

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Hooray! Hurdle 1 complete. Test again tomorrow if you're nervous and take it easy. Hooray for sibling donors!


It's so difficult isn't it..you want to be excited, but it feels surreal!

I tested early and then did my next one 2 days later and then daily until OTD....the results stayed the same!!

Keep being positive and try not to stress...good luck x

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The saying is you can get a false negative but never a false positive. Eeekkk looks like your pregnant.xx take it easy now and try not to worry xx congrats x


Congrats xxx can I ask how much it all was using donor eggs?y sister may give me hers, also did you do short protocol?


Cost me about £5000 medication separate about £60 and £675 to freeze eggs for 3 years. First attempt failed so I've paid a further £1400 to try again x x


How did yesterday go??


Positive 😀 x


Official congratulations :-)



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