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In need of positive vibes!


Hi everyone, had my transfer Tuesday, it wasn’t a straight forward one and then received a call from work to say I am up for redundancy. I’m back in work today but really struggling to stay positive but I know I need to. It’s so hard to be positive in a negative environment. Anyone got any positive words to get me through the day? Thanks x

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Hey, I dont really have any words of advice but wanted to wish you luck and I hope you get your BFP....Ive just had my latest BFN - my positive words yesterday were "Im feeling battered and bruised but not broken"! I know its easy for me to say but keep your chin up and try to stay positive, you can do this!xx

Sorry I don’t have any words of wisdom but wanted to wish you lots of luck and positivity for your BFP. The added pressure definitely difficult but you can get through this xx

Gem1982 in reply to E_05

Thanks, I have survived the day so hoping and praying that my embie sticks x

Sorry to hear you’re having a hard time. Wishing you lots of luck for for bfp. You’ll find other work and may even like it more xxx

I went through redundancy during my ivf cycle and it was stressful. I am still with the same company but in a different role which is great for me and I am happier now than before. It's a bit cheesy but sometimes things happen for a reason.

I hope all gets sorted for your job Hun. Sending you positive thoughts and wishing you a speedy 2ww xx

Gem1982 in reply to Hormomalmess

Thanks for your reply, they say things happen for a reason so just going to go with it!

You may need to speak to HR if they don’t already know you are on IVF as legally you are classed as pregnant from the point of ET

Yup defo speak to HR!! Xx good luck xx

Hey, sending you love and good luck with your FET. :)

Gem1982 in reply to AmbK

Thank you, I’m feeling so much more positive after everyones messages x x

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