Took my test yesterday on my official 11th day and it was positive, I am 2-3 weeks pregnant πŸ˜€ checked with clinic and the weeks are correct because I had a 5 day transfer I am 2-3 weeks pregnant. So happy because I'm further along than I was in first attempt which was 1-2 weeks but lost it on day 17. Wanting to get past the 13th July because that is day 17 and worried I will lose it again. So happy to be pregnant I have my first scan the 28th July, I just want to get a couple more weeks under my belt, and start feeling changes as I don't feel pregnant so keep rubbing my stomach saying "hope your still there" .... So scared that I don't want to go through that pain again but over joyed that it has worked..... Fingers crossed. Collected more tablets Β£62, but worth it. Hope you are all ok x

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  • Hi SuzanneAM. What wonderful news! I can understand you being cautious, but if you continue to use the progesterone, if you have been prescribed it, then hopefully all should be OK. Fingers crossed for your scan on the 28th July, when you will get to see your little one(s)?? Make sure you have a rest when you can and still drink plenty of fluids for a few days. Gentle hug - Diane

  • That's brill! Congratulations. Hope the scan goes well x

  • Yay congratulations. Now this is the real hard part, waiting for the scan!! I thought the 2ww was bad but this is torture. I just want to see a heartbeat, I think its made worse that I had a misscarriage at 9/10 weeks so I just want reassurance that everything is ok so far as will you after your previous loss x

    stay positive and everything will be fine, I dont feel pregnant either but I also keep rubbing my belly and telling it to keep fighting!!! Hehe x

    Good luck hun, keep busy to take your mind off this next wait xx

  • Congratulations SuzanneAM, that's fantastic news. I hope everything goes OK and you can enjoy your pregnancy. Best of luck x

  • Congratulations...all the best with your upcoming scan and the rest of your pregnancy x

  • Congratulations, that's fantastic news. I hope the scan comes round quickly for you. That's the problem with all this IVF, so much waiting! Good luck xx

  • Congrats Hun xx

  • Congrats, so nice to hear a positive outcome xxx

  • Fab and brill news! Wish you all the success and happiness in your IVF journey. Xx

  • Congratulations, wishing you all the best for a smooth pregnancy and happy family. xxx

  • Just wanted to say congratulations and that I know exactly how you feel! Our test day was Tuesday and it was positive but we had an early miscarriage after our first IVF cycle in March and I'm terrified of it happening again. Our scan is 25th July - it seems a lifetime away!! I just hope I make it that far.

    Hope all goes well for you xx

  • Congratulations. I hope it all goes well. 😊

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