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Counselling session this Thursday (21st May)

Thank you to everyone who has read or responded to my message, I am so grateful to you all for taking the time.

I've got a important counselling session this week, the last time I was there, my counsellor was concerned because she didn't think I had enough of a support network around me. I had questions like, what if you were ill - who would look after your child, what if you had an accident - who would bring up your child so they didn't end up in care? Tears were coming down my cheeks and it was exhausting. I have a very small family and don't know many people but at least I have this group now which I hope will help. Apparently, they can stop your treatment if they think the welfare of the child isn't supported. So fingers crossed!! x

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Both my parents have passed away so I have very limited support, cant see why that should impact on your ivf thats the case with loads 8f people x hope your session goes ok.


I guess they are looking at, what if I am ill - who is going to look after the baby but if it happens and I do get pregnant - then I tend to join groups and build a social network from them. I guess they don't want another child put into care and they have to make sure the support is put into place x


Lots of people don't have family or friends to help them and they manage. The welfare concerns are at a much higher level, similar to making a child protection report to social care which I'm sure you won't meet this threshold as you're thinking about you'd ensure the child was looked after.

You have got all of us supporting you now. Crying in counselling session must be a common reaction, it is for me although it has lessened as I've had further sessions.

Hope you session goes OK.


Thank you so much, it has definately helped being on here. I'm about to have my 3rd session of counselling. My brother has already said that if the worst happened and something happened to me, he would bring up my child x


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