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Morning all, so had my counselling session last night. All the built up anxiety I had go let out just driving up to the clinic as the last time I was there was for egg collection and didn't go too well. Counsellor was lovely, was really nice to talk to someone with no vested interest in our treatment. I did kind of realise though at the beginning of the week that I might still have been upset because I still had to bleed the last cycle so the anticipation waiting for that got me down I think. Feeling much better now and she encouraged me to go back and do the things that I enjoyed doing before. I don't think I need to go back for another session but I would recommend seeing a counsellor to anyone who may be struggling - it's not a sign of weakness at all. X

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  • I love this post and what you've written about it not being a sign of weakness - your so right! Glad you found the counselling beneficial x

  • Well done! I'm so glad you found it helpful. I went for some counselling whilst I was on (the dreaded) clomid and found it really helpful during a dark time. You are totally right it's not a sign of weakness. We are so strong to have to endure so much on this journey & I believe anything that helps we should go for it. Take care Xxx

  • Agreed, counselling is def worth a go! I would say a course of sessions is advisable, especially during these difficult journeys. And I agree with NsKaz during most d changing meds like clomid, it's def helpful oxo

  • Well done for getting yourself to counselling. Glad you found it useful. I did too. Good luck with your next steps xx

  • Hi lorraineb61. Well, that's good to hear, and I do hope reading your post will encourage others to go. i realise that some don't get such good support, but on the whole they are there to help. Hope all goes well for you. Diane

  • I started counselling 5 weeks ago. It's really helping. We've been trying for over 2 years (I've stopped counting the months past 2 years now) with unexplained infertility. We haven't had treatment. It's not something I am strong enough to do. If anything I think it proves how strong you are. The courage it takes is exhausting!

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