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Do u always bleed when ivf fails

I dont have regular period's. .due to polocystic o.s my last failed ivf i did bleed which then i knew bloods would confirm it didnt wrk..and it didnt..this time round ive not bled im on day 11 past 2day transfer..but preg test stil showing neg...if its not worked will i bleed or may it just not work and i may get no bleed at all im hoping the no bleeding yet is a sign that preg test was too early done please help

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Everyone is different, my first ivf failed and my period didn't start for 5 days following test day, I'm now on a FET and clinic have said due to the hormones I'm on, it is highly unlikely my period will start before test day even if it is negative again. I would wait the full 2 weeks but best of luck x


Hi dkward2.I must admit that it is so tempting to test early after embryo transfer. However, I always advise to hold off if you can, until the official testing day. Hopefully all will be OK for you, but if not, then you don’t always bleed straight away, as most women are using some form of progesterone pessaries/gel, which can delay a bleed. I think that if you are still getting negative test results and no bleed, then perhaps it might be an idea to request a blood test, in order to know for sure. I do hope all works out OK for you. Diane


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