A positive result!!!!!!!!!

After 3 years of trying, including 3 failed IUI's last year we decided to go through ICSI and the two week wait ended yesterday (thursday 7 May) i tested a day before and was a faint positive, tested today and a more stronger positive. Though hearing of so many people on here having chemical pregnancies, its hard to get too excited. Got scan booked for 28 May. So happy if it really is true, never though it would happen to us. Hubby has low sperm count. Wont believe this really is happening till that scan. Will definitely be testing at least twice a week until then.

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  • congratulations hun :) im hopefully starting ivf treatment in next couple of months my partner also got low count ,doctor said everything good with me so only need the 1 swimmer for it to work xxx

  • Thank you. You will be fine. I didnt find it too bad if im honest the ivf process so good luck to you,

  • Fantastic news..congrats x

  • Ah that is amazing news huge congrats. Please just be careful with multiple testing. I did that after my bfp, got fainter lines and totally freaked out, went for emergency scan and everything was fine - she is now 9 weeks old! If you got your bfp on test day I would not test again if you can help it - but I know that's so easy to say rather than do. Just enjoy and trust your body to do what it needs to do. Lots of love xxxxxx

  • Congratulations xx

  • Fab fab news!! xx

  • Fab news xx congratulations dear ginger! Just keep faith in your body font well and relax. Sending Baby dust for you xx

    I am also dealing with ICSI due to husband's very low sperm count that they did freez some after PESA/TESA on him. I am glad to know that thinks are going well for low down count situations as well. Actually having failed two embies I was little bit doubtful if ICSI Honda help me, if sperm quality making it fail or what else in thus bubble of hope. I am with no infertility issue until now. My doubts are clearing after going through this chat platform xxx

    Thanks for all hun for being around here. Love and prayer for ginger and all xx

  • πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ good luck xx

  • Hooray!

  • Congratulations lovely! Amazing news x

  • Congratulations!!! X

  • Yay! Great news, keeping everything crossed for you xx

  • This is brilliant news. It's good to see some

    Positive posts x take care ginger xxxxxx

  • Congrats Hun. Lovely news. I got my bfp last week and am still so scared to even go to the loo but I'm almost coming around to thinking 'there is nothing more I can do right now so what will be will be' xx

  • Yeah. Gave in and took a clearblue digital test this morning says 1-2 weeks pregnant so thats put my mind at rest a bit now. Will try not to test any more until scan on 28 May but i think i msy have to do at least one. Scary to think i am. Feel so bloated at the mo, feel pregnant already! Lol

  • Congratulations!! Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you for the 28th :-) xxx

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