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Low estradiol levels?

Hi all - I had my final scan today and only 4 follicles, but I'm still pleased because I was worried there wouldn't be any (I've got low AMH). They've all grown so I was given Tuesday for my EC day. However, the clinic phoned a couple of hours ago to say my estradiol levels are a bit low, and they're pushing EC to Wednesday in the hope they pick up. I'm just sticking on gonal-f for an extra day. Should I be worried?? I don't know what it means. Any thoughts would be hugely appreciated - google hasn't been overly helpful on this one and I won't be able to speak to the clinic about it until Monday!

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Hi Karen, I've also got low AMH and am due to start Gonal F in 3 weeks. Did you manage to find out anything more about the low estradiol levels? I did a quick internet search a moment ago and I think the significance of low estradiol levels depends on a number of other factors and we are all different. Sounds like the nurses think there is a chance the levels might pick up between now and Wednesday (fingers crossed). From what I read earlier and I know it's dangerous to research using the Internet it seemed that if the levels are too low they might revert to IUI instead? Hopefully you've managed to speak to the nurses again today to clarify? fingers crossed you'll get your EC on Weds, let me know, very best of luck and wishes X


Hi HopesforLuck! Thanks for coming back to me. It seems that low estradiol levels just means the follicles could grow a bit more, so everything is confirmed for Wednesday - I take my trigger tonight. I'm really hoping all four have eggs - it's all getting quite scary! Good luck to you :) Kx


That's good news, good luck with that trigger shot later this evening, how exciting! Also best of luck for EC on Wednesday hope it all runs smoothly for you and you relax for the rest of the day X

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Thank you! I'm pretty nervous - but I'm glad we're trying it :) K x


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