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Tube specialist

After waiting 2 months to see a tube specialist (I have 1 blocked and 1 slow moving tube plus fluid in one tube ) I finally go and see him tomorrow to find out my best options ........ I'm so neverous everything just keeps going round and round in my head.

Hopefully by this time tomorrow I will be a step further forward ..... But to be honest this all scares the hell out of me !

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I understand how scary this is. The process for me was:

- HSG found blocked tubes

- Laparoscopy to check tubes (found endo, adhesions & blocked tubes)

- Open surgery to remove endo, adhesions and open tubes

- 6 months TTC naturally, no luck

- IVF negative but 8 frozen blastos

- HSG found tubes reclosed

- Laparoscopy to remove tubes

- IVF frozen transfer successful!!

- Currently 27 weeks pregnant

The above all took some time obviously, but I still believe that my doctor helped me to make the right choices, especially at the end the decision to remove my tubes was really scary and difficult but it was the right decision.

Just remember, if your tubes are the issue and everything else is ok then there are clear treatment plans to help you. I found it a comfort that the doctors considered me to be an easy case, as they knew what the problem was but we just needed time to get it resolved. In the end it was a no-brainer to just remove the tubes as they were causing problems for the IVF to work.

Just stay positive, easier said than done I know, but be glad that they have identified the issue and you will have a plan to move forward soon I am sure.

Best of luck xxx


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