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Starting treatment

Had my first consultation yesterday, aiming to start first cycle in May.excited but feeling overwhelmed, nervous. I am worried about managing work and appointment schedule. Although I have taken some leave, everything is so uncertain that can't plan effectively. My clinic is also far form work which does not help. Although my managers are supportive, I am not sure of informing them about this - this is very personal. But part of me thinks I should tell them as it would take away the stress and worries linked with it.

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I would tell them only what you're comfortable with. You could tell them you have some "lady procedures" and that the appointments have to be timed to specific days, and as bodies are unpredictable, subject to change at short notice. it's all a bit daunting, but you'll be a pro in no time.


Hi April1234, I am in the same boat. We start in May and our clinic is 1.5 hr drive. I'm going to take it as it comes. So far I've just said I have had hospital appointments. When they become more frequent and for egg collection my plan is to take a week or so off and get a GP note marked "surgery" or "investigations" to cover it. I agree that it's very personal and I have no inclination to share with my work at all!

Good luck x x x


Thank you friends, this helps, hope all goes well with minimum stress!

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I told my bosses that I was going through IVF, so that they were aware there would be appointments potentially during work time, not to cause me additional stress and to also be aware that I might need to change my leave around depending on what my body did. They are all male and were very supportive.

As I work shifts and didn't want to be stressing myself about doing the injections in the work toilet, I made sure I finished work in time to get home to do them.

I also took leave from the time of collection until test day, so I could relax away from work :-)



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