Starting this week!

Hi all, I am starting my first ever injections this week and am starting to feel incredibly nervous! I've watched YouTube videos about how to inject etc but now I'm not sure that it was a good idea. One minute I am excited that it is happening and then I feel very nervous and scared - What if I get it wrong? What if I can't do it? Then comes the dread about egg collection - I am so scared of hospitals and needles and not being in control or not knowing what will happen.

Any advice or top tips would be greatly received! xxx

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  • Hey,

    It's totally normal to feel like this and I think we've all felt this before starting treatment!

    I was a nervous wreck about the whole thing and I can honestly say it was fine!

    The injection aren't painful. A little tip is to hold ice on the area before you inject and this helps to numb the area.

    Egg collection for me was my biggest fear and everyone has a different experience. For me it was fine, the local anaesthetic actually put me to sleep so I remember nothing until I started to waken up going back to recovery room. After egg collection I did find I had some pain and it was quite bad about 2 or 3 days after but drinking plenty of water and regular paracetamol should help to control this.

    Have you booked some time off work? For me it's something I did do because I have a job which involves heavy lifting and I'm glad I did because I couldn't have worked after it.

    Try not to worry. I know it's hard but when I look back at it all it really wasn't to bad. For me the emotional and mental side of it all is the hardest part. The 2ww is torture and feels more like 2 years as well lol.

    Good luck 🍀 you'll be fine! 😘 xxx

  • Thank you, your reply was very reassuring xx Im such a worrier...... think I'm just having an emotional day today for some reason.

    I haven't booked any time off yet, am hoping that I will just have the day off for egg collection and then the next day and then go back. Im a teacher so its rally hard to take time off.


  • Hi cls37. I'm a teacher too and just like you I didn't book time off for my last cycle. However, the following day I didn't teach as I have slt and PPA release. Thank goodness as I couldn't bend down and generally felt quite rough. I think you might need to call in sick the following day to be honest. The actual egg collection was ok just as Amanda86 said but you are a little sore afterwards. I think I forgot just how physical our job is. This time, I'm going to ask to work from home the following day. All the best and I hope it's successful for you. x

  • Thank you x

  • Hi there. Just to say injections not as bad as you think and I am sure you can do it. I find telly on helps distract me.. Also think 1,2,3 GO! And be 'dartlike' as it goes in quicker and less painful. Are u near your clinic and nurse can watch and support u do the first one? If not i would hope a friendly practice nurse at the GP's would do. You can do it! xx

  • Thank you xx

  • Thank you Coracle- used your advice of 1,2,3 go!!!! It worked!!!! X

  • Big well done!!! :)

  • Thank you!! Stung a little towards the end of the injection and was generally itchy and red where the needle went on. Is that normal? Not sure what I'd do without everyone's support and advice on here x

  • Sorry to hear it stung. I've lost track of where you are... are you downregging, or stimulating? (I had nasal sprays for the downregging, then injections for the stimulating and for progesterone..)

    Some injections don't sting at all, and others sting a little bit but it soon goes off. Try rubbing ice cube on again is one idea, or some firm pressure w cotton wool ball. Any itchiness/redness should just be brief I would hope.. (again try the ice cube!) if ongoing or getting worse, I would get in touch w your clinic, or ask your GP to see.

    Sorry it's a bit stingy/itchy/red xx Hope it's already gone off. Big big well done, having the courage to inject yourself is a big step xxx

  • Normal for me lol xx

  • Re egg collection. I have had three and each time no problem. The anaesthetist puts a little needle in the back of your hand for the meds, but because it is a v good anaesthetist they are extremely experienced and is usually just a little quick ouch, not much. Then before you know it you're out for the count, coming round for your tea and biscuits and can't remember anything about it! I took things easy after, had naps but no pain that I remember. I was fearful of the egg collection too the first time as it is a sedation not a GA but I needn't of worried. DO tell the anaesthetist if u are anxious on the day and they might give u an extra little something pre-procedure and take extra special care of how you doing/how you feeling/explain everything. You are totally normal to feel this way, all the big unknown.. but you can do it xx

  • Thank you for such a lovely supportive reply! Trying to take one day at a time but having a real 'wobble' today xx

  • Well done, wobbles allowed! I've had huge support here on my wobbly days xxx

  • That just what I have discovered today.... so much support xx

  • Hi cls,

    I'm pharmacist still have no guts to inject myself. So don't worry it's very much normal to have fear of needles.

    If you have someone I mean husband /partner or anyone to help you for injections it would be better if you can't do yourself.

    In the beginning I got first injection from the nurse and I requested her that I would come everyday please book my appointments. But she said it's so busy in morning hours and not possible. I need to do myself. But next day my hubby tried and it really worked well.

    I just don't see him what he is doing that makes me more conscious. When he is ready when injection I hold the pinge of lower abdomen and look at the wall on the floor.

    You will be use to in couple of days.

    Also your GP can teach you for couple of days if you want.

    So ready steady and go :)

    Good luck

  • Hi. I think every clinic is different re; egg collection. I had conscious sedation which meant I was awake throughout the whole thing. I had a drip in my arm which fed me pethadine and when it got uncomfortable I was able to tell them so they could top up the pain relief. I just want you to know this, because some clinics don't put you to sleep. Having said that, although it wasn't the nicest thing it is totally doable (and this is coming from a huge wimp). I got myself SO worked up but it wasn't as bad as I'd imagined. As for the injections, I got my other half to do them. Your clinic will show you how.. Yes I did have to get myself psyched up every day but it's over so quickly; put it in, count to 5 and pull it out. I used an ice pack because the ice cubes melt too quickly lol. I pinch an inch of skin and look away. Anyway, trust me, if I can do this then anyone can do it!! Good luck on your journey 🍀 X

  • Thank you- I really appreciate your advice and reply xx

  • Perfectly normal feelings, I dreaded the jags, hubby has done them every night for me, to be totally honest there a piece of cake, not anywhere as bad as I thought, good luck with your cycle xx

  • Good luck to you too!! Once I've done the first one think I will feel better! It's a scary journey yet exciting at the same time xx

  • Just like all the girls said, totally natural! I was absolutely terrified of egg collection, but my clinic use heavy sedation so I was sound asleep throughout! I too am a teacher, but I took time off from egg collection up until test day, my gp just signed me off, I'm head of performing arts, and to try to manage a department and then teach drama and dance was far too much for me, feet up and relax if you can! Xxx

  • Thank you for your reply xx

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