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im currently looking for work as my last role was only tempoary ,ive got a telephone interview tmrw for an airline company ,a friend of mine works for the same company and i just mentioned i have to attend the hospital every so often didnt say why but she said the company are not flexible with things like hospital appointments and they expect staff to book things like that on days off .... im sure alot of you will understand its not always possible to do that

im not sure if to tell the person on the phone or wait , its only a part time role so im not going to be in every day

can anyone advice how often i will be at the hospital once ive started ivf treatment?

many thanks xx

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  • I had the same question last week. there are a lot of appointments. But if your part time I'm sure you could work your appointments around them. Best of luck x

  • Forgive my presumption but I'd say don't tell the possible employer anything just yet....unless it's a direct medical question they're asking you. Regarding appt's: it totally depends on the clinic. One clinic i used to go to had appt's Mon to Fri but my new clinic have scans available every other day (Mon, Tue, Wed). It also depends on how the clinic/Consultant want your treatment plan to run. I'm susceptible to ohss so need lots of blood tests done too....yet more 'morning' appt's (because the nursing staff need the results back in the afternoon)! Be honest with your consultant and the nurses. I'm sure they'll do their best to help plus they'll have spent time with women with all kinds of jobs. Good luck on your journey x

  • Check to see if there's a company policy for IVF treatment, once you've got the job!

    My employers give 5 days in the first year of treatment.

    It's worth checking.

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