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2 Embryos Transferred...


Woohoo!!! I am officially on my 2ww... I feel so excited now! It was amazing getting to watch our embryos being transferred today. I say embryos as I've had 2 put back. I had 5 eggs collected on Fri, 3 fertilised nicely, two of the embryos were graded 5/8 and I had one graded 7/8 so we were given the option to have 2 embryos put back to give me the best chance. The third embryo will be cultured and then frozen if all goes okay. Now I can go back to work with a secret smile :-)

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Fab news - congrats x

noodles_ in reply to Cal79

Aw thank you x x

Really great news noodles. Hoping the next two weeks whizzes by for you xx

noodles_ in reply to MrsDx

Lol me too... Thanks MrsDx My test date is a week on Friday so it's actually only 11 days... I'm just going to relax and take it easy, the hard work is done and what will be will be ;-) x x

I love this..... Love it!! Could not be happier for you!!! X x best of luck x x x

noodles_ in reply to Lucy26

Thank you so much Lucyireland26... I'm sooooo happy!!! :-) x x

Hope you get a positive result and the 2ww goes quickly for you.

noodles_ in reply to pm27

Aw thank you so much pm27 x x

Hope the time doesn't drag too much! Drink lots of water and milk. And rest where you can, but good that you're going back to work as it will be a good distraction. I found I was very tired the second week.

Good luck. And really hope you get yr positive! Xx

noodles_ in reply to Hope23

Aw thanks Hope 23 ☺ I'm having to rest a lot just now. Tried to go to Tesco for a few things but it was just too much, I had to come home 😕 x x

Great news, best of luck

noodles_ in reply to Symboh

Thanks Symboh 😉 x x

Great news noodles!!! goodluck with ur 2ww and a bfp

noodles_ in reply to shirley100

Thank you shirley100 😊 x x

Exciting stuff x

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