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Hi All.

I had two embryos transferred some 7 weeks ago, at the 6 week scan we saw two little heart beats and everything was in the perfect place with no issues. I've been suffering from nausea now and again since about week 5 and also have a few cramps as expected but over the past few days everything seems to have slowed down with very little symptoms which worries me. I suppose i'm just looking for some reassurance after suffering a miscarriage late last year just after the 6 week point, this was from a fresh cycle although i've heard symptoms are often different between fresh and FET.

Thanks all.

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  • Hi littlebirdy1. I really think I would hold on to what you saw on your scan, with two healthy little β€œbeans” all in perfect working order. Try not to worry too much about symptoms coming and going, as often pregnancies differ, whether natural, fresh or frozen. You will start to feel some cramp like pains/discomfort as your womb is reaching upwards, so no worries there. Have a little rest when you can, and keep up with the progesterone pessaries/gel if you have been prescribed it. All the best for your ongoing pregnancy. Diane

  • Hey Hun having been through similar to yourself I know exactly how you feel. I feel so paranoid about symptoms etc. I'm nauseous, then I'm not, some days have cramps then others nothing. Checking if my boobs still feel sore etc it's never ending but as Diane says pregnancies differ.

    Rest assured though hun you're not alone. fingers and toes crossed for you for those little beans to keep growing. Xx

  • Thank-you both for your posts. It's very reassuring to hear.

  • I feel exactly the same, 8+4 weeks, the nausea & cramping isn't pleasant but it's kind of reassuring that things are ok & progressing πŸ‘ Think paranoia is normal for all pregnancies, but I think it's tough on IVF women as we know at the moment we get pregnant. I'm just trying to think stress & worry will make it a tough few weeks so I'm trying to keep positive - Sounds daft but I find talking to embie re-focuses me x

  • Great advice Cal79... I had 2 wee embryos transferred today and I've been talking to them already x x

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