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Positive ovulation test

I had my positive ovulation test this morning, only 1 day after my flo app predicted.

Now im panicking im going to miss my chance though, my other half is not back until late 😕 and I currently have slight cramping.

I feel so anxious like I always miss the timing, and even if i get it, it’s not working as it’s well over 12month off ttc now.

Thinking of booking a HSG privately, does anyone know the best place around Portsmouth area?

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When you get your proper positive it then takes 12-24 hours to actually ovulate so if you have sex tonight and tomorrow your in for a good shot

Are you tracking cm and bbt to confirm ovulation? X


What’s CM? No I’ve only been using the clear blue ovulation sticks, fingers crossed. Xx


Cervical mucus. The thing with opks is they don’t confirm ovulation just a LH surge so you should check for egg white cm or watery clear about when you get your peak.

I would suggest also tracking your bbt temp as that together with opks and cm you will know for sure x


Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out! I feel like we are always waiting, ovulation date, 2ww etc 🤦🏼‍♀️xx


I just don’t think about it anymore it’s been so long lol


I get ewcm the day before ovulation with a positive opk test then cramps the next day. I didn’t used to watch out for it but it’s my first thing I look for now as my cycles have changed length and I would have missed ovulation otherwise.


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