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Pregnancy with precum and no direct contact to vagina?

this is kinda awkward but i don't know. i'm feeling nervous and all. I'm a teed and after what I felt now I will not repeat this again. My boyfriend and I make out yesterday and his penis is wet due to pre-***. He kinda joked and poked his penis to my clit. IT WAS A JUST A POKE. The penis didn't go even a millimeter in the vagina.

Also, he said that the last time he masturbated is a week ago. so he peed a lot of times now. So is there a chance for me to be pregnant?

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I don t think there is any way you can be pregnant if you did not have sex and he did not cum inside you if you are not wanting to get pregnant go to you chemist and get the morning after pill maybe be more careful in future


You are really on the wrong forum this is infertility based.


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