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Hatching & latching day!

Today we are 3dp2dt so our little embies will be blastocysts & gearing up to hatch & latch! Hopefully this afternoon they will start the hatching & start to latch by tomorrow although I know it can be 1-2 days after blastocyst stage that this happens.

I'm gonna be reading every twinge as something so poor DH will be pulling his remaining hair out by Thursday lol. Hope everyone is keeping positive! Good luck x

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Hope you have lots of lovy things planned to keep your mind off it and managing to stay relaxed. My friends came over last night and did a meditation cd with me. Once we have stopped laughing, we actually found it VERY relaxing. Xx


Lol that made me laugh! I haven't told my friends what stage we're at not even my mum! I told my DH that a study showed women who had a clown visit them for 15mins after ET had a better success rate due to the happy endorphins & increased oxygen due to laughing, so sounds like the relaxation night has been a 2for1 :-) my DH Speaks to my tummy on a morning & night to say hi to the 'twins' (we had 2back so that's what we're using) it makes me smile everytime.

Fingers crossed for you xx

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Good luck Poochi! x


Thanks x


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