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We have a frostie!!

Hi everyone, I got my negative result yesterday having been upset all weekend as I came on so knew it hadn't worked

We found out yesterday tho that we have a frostie which has really lifted us - there's hope!

I've never made it to test date without my period starting, has anyone else experienced this never getting a positive test? It's been just over 4 years with 3 x IUI and now 2 x IVF x

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round 6 stuck for us.


Sorry to read you got a negative really hoping this frostie is the one that makes it for you ! Xxx


Sorry to hear this. It's so upsetting isn't it. Maybe the next little one will be the one. I got a negative last week, my second and last attempt due to the cost, and it just breaks you. Stay positive for your next try. Hope it works for you xx


Thanks for replying, it is heartbreaking hope23 I can't imagine how you're feeling knowing it was your last attempt.

Big hugs for you xx


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