Reunited with my wee 'frostie' 😊

Well today I was reunited with my one and only wee frozen embie 😊 It's been a long day as I had acupuncture before & after my transfer. The embryologist said the embryo was good quality and that it started expanding straight after he defrosted it. Then it expanded again just before it was transferred so they were all quite impressed. My official test date is Thu 13th Aug.

Looking back on the fresh transfer I had a few months ago I was so stressed and not keeping very well due to cysts in my left ovary. I feel I'm in a much better place this time round mentally & physically.

Any tips for my 9 day wait ladies would be more than welcome 😊 x x

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  • Awww good to here you're in a better place in life. I've got everything crossed for you xx

  • Thank you πŸ’œ x x

  • Best of luck with everything. It sounds really encouraging. :)

  • Aw thanks πŸ’™ x x

  • Fingers crossed xxx

  • Definitely... Thank you πŸ˜‰ x x

  • I hope the 9 days don't drag too much. I think the key is to keep as busy as you can,but within limits of what you can and can't do 😊 Maybe plan some nice leisurely walk with other half, read a book, watch a TV box set that interests you, maybe some date nights/day with other half like going to the cinema, have a good catch up with your friends. πŸ‘

    Best of luck πŸ€ Wishing you a BFP 🍼on the 13th 😍 πŸ’— X

  • Aw thank you so much πŸ’– It's all very surreal. I appreciate the tips on passing the time. I'm working from home to try and minimise any stress so that should definitely help and I have an appointment on Saturday to get my nails done then afterwards I have another acupuncture appointment. Hopefully time will fly by 😊 x x

  • Congrats! Plans lots of interesting things to keep your mind off it. Try to avoid raw, cold foods and have warming foods for your uterus - soups etc. avocados and Brazil nuts are good for your womb lining. Wishing you the best!

  • Ooh I better get the soup pot out then & get cracking. Maybe even get the slow cooker out as well. Thanks Smileycat πŸ˜‰ x x

  • I am so happy that's fab news noodles xx sending you lots and lots of baby dusts and many wishes for successful cycle and BFP this time xx I am also waiting for frostie in two weeks to put back in xx keep us updated how you feel so it could be relaxing for people like me fighting with hope and fear xx

  • Aw thank you x x I'll definitely keep you posted πŸ’š x x

  • Hi noodles, it sounds like everything has gone really well with your transfer. I had acupuncture before and after transfer and two sessions during the 2ww.

    I just tried to rest as much as possible and I found watching box sets really helped to distract me (nothing that requires any concentration though!). My husband also dragged me out to the cinema which again really seemed to take my mind off things!

    Best of luck for the 13th x

  • Oh I know I was so pleased because it's such a worry whether the embryo will even survive the thawing process in the first place and with me only having one I didn't have any others to fall back on. I'm guessing I'll be hitting the cinema then lol πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the advice πŸ’œ x x

  • Girls! My friend arranged a walk out for a day and I like their plan so much. But I am expecting embryo transfer would be probably around that week. Should I go out to please myself or would it be better to stay home and relax or only cinema would be better option. I am really confused. Actually I like walk with them more than going to cinema, but I'd I think of frostie I get confused xx they are not pour back in yet but I am confused for my day out xx

  • They advise you not to do anything too strenuous so it really depends what the girls have planned for your day out x x

  • Wishing you all the luck in the world hope it works, fingers crossed x x x

  • Aw thank you so much πŸ’– x x

  • Thanks noodles. I surely know it would be strenuous as they would walk around for long. Xx I understand I would be content with a dinner out only xx

    Fingers crossed for you dear!! Xx

  • I tried to go to Tesco today for a few messages (nothing heavy) but I really didn't feel great by the time I got there and I knew I had to get home. On a happier note the soup pot is on and so is the slow cooker with a nice stew lol so my other half will be delighted when he comes home from work πŸ˜ƒ x x

  • Hope you'll like soup and stew. Xx enjoy the good time ahead xx

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