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Fluid in tubes

Hi ladies, I hope you're all well 😊 . I've been for a scan today ready to have my eggs taken on Wednesday, but I've been told it looks like there's fluid in my tubes?? I'm having another scan on weds & if so they will freeze my eggs & I'll have to have a procedure to clip my tubes before they can carry on with my treatment 😔 has anyone else's had this happened to them please?

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Hi lccxb38

When I had ivf I had no fluid in my tubes but as soon as I starting stimming it came on in both tubes my clinic said they would drain it when I had my eggs out but when I had them out they told me they never need to drain my tubes because the fluid in my tubes wasn't toxic so we carted on with transfer I was soooo nervous thinking my chance was ruined because I read all these bad things I thought it's never going to work but here I am 35 weeks pregant with identical twin girls from that one egg transfer so

Not only did I get pregant but with twins they will be coming in the next few weeks, so I look at it trust your doctor because It was my decision and I went for it but I still didn't think it would work I hope this helps;) good luck chick kim xxxxx


Awww thanks for this, you've just put a smile on mine & my partners faces 😃. I wish u all the luck in the world with your labour, you're so lucky having 2. Thanks for reassuring me xx

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Anytime I'm happy you and your partner can take somthing away with what I've said and give you hope good luck honey sending lots of baby dust your way and thank you for your nice comments:) Kim xxxx


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