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Waiting times

Just wondered if anyone is able to advise on waiting times after referral for fertility treatment.

I am currently waiting for a lap to hopefully remove my endometriosis and diagnose the stage I'm at. My wait currently stands at 4 months and looks like it won't happen until at least June.

What experiences have you ladies had of this? Is it a case of go home and TTC for a while before being referred? Or has anyone been referred immediately and how long have you waited?

I like to think patience is a strong point but everything just seems to take so long in this process, I'm beginning to lose the will!


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Hi discobec

I also have endometriosis. Hubby and I started ttc naturally in May 13. After 6 months of no success I went to my GP as I had already been diagnosed with stage 4 endo. I was refered to fertility unit and they decided to operate so in April 14 I had a lap to try and improve things (had been 6 years since my last lap). After the lap we were left to try naturally again for several months, during this time I had bloods taken to check I was ovulating. I seemed to have no issues ovulating so was told that fertility drugs would be of no benefit and that IVF would be our best chance. We signed consent forms in Nov 14 and started IVF Jan 15.

We managed to speed things up a few months by agreeing to travel to a different NHS hospital, and I'm very grateful that the time between initial referral and receiving treatment was relatively short. After the lap it was 9 months before starting IVF. Hopefully it won't come to that for you and you'll get a natural positive after your lap. Good luck xx

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Thanks for your response and big congratulations on your BFP. Stories like yours give me hope! Best wishes for a happy, healthy pregnancy.


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