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2ww.....3rd day....feels like forever

Embryo transfer successful, 7 eggs to be frozen, now on the 2ww can't take a pregnancy test until 3rd April. Days are dragging, can't stop looking at the Internet, exciting to think I could be pregnant but have to keep myself level headed in case the test is negative next week, so scary but exciting at the same time. keep thinking is it still there inside me this little embryo waiting to attach or gone, so tiny.

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my test day is 2nd of april and im so anxious as we had non fit to freeze 😞 so alots riding on this 1 egg and it only takes 1 so fingers crossed we get bfp i cant stop thinking about it to xx


Me an my partner are in the same boat. None to freeze but it only takes one. Be positive until proven otherwise. Lots of baby dust for us all. Good luck I'm the 1st April testing ahhhhhh x

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I am on day 4 of the 2WW! So know the feeling, Sadly we didn't have any to freeze so this may be our only chance, but we did have 2 transferred, so I keep thinking of twins!

Its such a strange feeling thinking of them so tiny inside us, I am trying to stay positive with out getting excited, such a difficult balancing act!!

I am doing ok at the moment, but I am guessing next week the anxiety will really hit and I will be awful!! lol!!

Have you had any twinges or cramping or anything? :-)

Good Luck!!!!! xxx


Hi Ladies, I go in for my pregnancy test next Friday so feeling the same as you all. I did have a bit of a cramping feeling in the lower abdomen from the day of transfer but yesterday it went which I'm thinking might be a bad sign? It's so difficult not to read into everything isn't it and read symptoms online so trying to resist. We had 2 embryos transferred like you EmmaT88 so I also have lovely images of having two and never having to go through this again.

I'd love to hear how you all get on, good luck!



Oh wow, my test if Friday too! :-) I was extremely bloated and cramping after transfer but same as you they went from Monday I think. But I have read that they only start to implant from today onwards, and some people don't even feel the implantation so I guess there is no point in symptom spotting? :-)

Good luck!! Keeping my fingers crossed xx


Hi all. I remember the 2ww and it sends you to the brink of crazy having to wait lol. If I can give you one piece of advice it would be don't test before your due to!! I know it's hard and I was soooooo desparate to test but I managed to resist. All it will do is make it harder if you get a negative result, which bcoz of the drugs you've been on will.

Wishing you all the luck in the world and have EVERYTHING CROSSED FOR YOU xxxxxx


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