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Hi ladies, so this is my very first post, tho i have messaged with alot of u ladies yesterday was my very first egg collection, the pain was so bad they had 2 stop the and today the pain is even worse to the point i cant walk and it hurts badly to use the toilet.has anyone else experianced this much pain?? Or should i be worried?? On the plus size we got 24 Eggs now wating for the call today to see how there doing.plenty baby dust to all you lovely ladies X

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  • Hi emzlou, i had my first EC last week and I was sorer than I anticipated after. The day aftervand even more so on the second day. By my 3rd day i was feeling much better. Take plenty of rest and keep on with your paracetamol.

    24 eggs is fantastic hun, wishing you the best of luck.xx

  • Thank u hun..ooh so u on ur 2ww now?? Huge amounts of baby dust 4 u babez looking forward 2 hearing u get ur BFP 😘 X

  • Hey Emz

    My second cycle egg collection was awful, so painful I was crying throughout the procedure! The first cycle I hardly felt a thing so I was really shocked the second time. I was very sore for a good few days afterwards so yes it's normal. I also experienced painful trapped wind! I think that's from all the prodding and poking about but it added to the pain I was in esp when I was trying to go to the toilet πŸ˜– It does fade off after a few days but remember you've had a pretty invasive procedure so it's natural to be bruised and sore - esp as they had to go in 24 times to get all your eggs! Your ovaries must have been huge so no wonder you're feeling tender! That's a great number though πŸ‘πŸΌ

    Make sure you rest loads, drink loads of water and take paracetamol when you need to and you'll be fine 😘 X

  • Thank u so much penny primrose for putting my mind at rest i was really worried..just had call and 16 of them ferterlized so still a good number thankfully..hope all is going well with ur treatment..were u at in ur treatment?? X

  • Hi emzlou25, sorry to hear you went through a lot of pain during your egg collection, 24 eggs is fantastic and i'm sure you are quite sore considering your ovaries must have swollen quite a lot to produce so many eggs. Were you not sedated for your egg collection? My clinic sedated me and this is standard procedure at the clinic I go to and therefore I felt nothing and just had mild pain after for which I took some co-codamol.

    I hope you start to feel better soon and the pain subsides very soon, best of luck for your procedures ahead.


  • Thank u so much hun..yes they sedated me but it didnt seem 2 work they said as i felt everthing..i was so happy with 24 of which 16 fertalized πŸ˜† now just waiting to see if egg transfer is tomorrow or sat..hope ur treatments all going great what stage u at?? Xx

  • Aww that's awful that the sedation didn't work very well, at least that part is over now and you have an amazing 16 fertilised eggs! That's great! Wish you so much luck for your ET!

    I've just had results of our third cycle which unfortunately failed.

    So a holiday in May and then back to start a fresh cycle in the Summer, not ready to give up yet!

    Lots of luck and love for your next stage x

  • Oooh am so so sorry for ur news..defo dont give up tho go have some fun and relax then u be all fresh for ur next 1 lots of baby dust for ur next round and they say the more times u do it the higher the chance so next time u will get ur BFP sending much love and keep me updated love xx

  • Hi emzlou25. Sounds like you may have over stimulated a bit. Make sure you drink plenty and have a rest when you can. Paracetamol for pain if you need it. Hope all the 16 fertilised eggs carry on growing and you are able to freeze some, which would be a bonus after all you have been through. keeping everything crossed for you. Diane

  • Thank u so so much dianeArnold ,that means alot..i find out 2morrow if transfers tomorrow day 3 or sat day 5 so got everthing crossed..tried to work 2 day but was so ill had 2 come back home..howz ur treatment goin babez?? Xx

  • Hi emzlou25. Just checking up on you with my professional hat on! Hope you're not feeling too bad and keeping up with the water! Hopefully the OHSS won't interfere with your embryo transfer. Keep an eye on your urine output and any breathlessness. Good luck! Diane

  • Thank u so much DianeArnold..i have had some breathlessness which my clinic are aware of but am also asthmatic so could be that 2..egg transfers all set for tomorrow so very excited!!!!! Am drinkin so much water and peein a tun so thats all gud startin 2 feel a bit better just dizzy now and then but all good thank u so are u?? Xx

  • Hi emzlou25. That's all good to hear, as you will have some side effects for up to a week, then it should ease even more. Hope all goes well with the transfer tomorrow, and hopefully they can freeze a few embies for you?? Thanks for asking, I'm fin thanks. Had all my treatment a while ago now, just work on hear as nurse advisor now. Diane

  • Thank u so much for all ur advise and caring it means alot..i hope u got ur little miracle when u did ur treatment..X x

  • Hi. My pleasure! Yes, eventually we did after surgery and drug treatment. Diane

  • Congrats on the amount :-)

    I was going to say the same as Diane...just keep OHSS in the back of your mind and call the clinic if you think you've got it....x

  • Thanks hollibob,confirmed i do have OHSS losts of water and taking paracetamol..get my call today praying egg transfer is saturday not today so no my embos are still going strong..howz u hows ur treament going?? Xx

  • Boo to OHSS, but glad they've confirmed so that you know what you are dealing with.

    Fingers crossed for the phone calls..I think I found that part the worst!

    Currently having a little break to have some tests completed in regards to recurrent miscarriages...itching to start again to get closer to what we really want!

  • Oooh sorry about ur recurrent miscarriages hunnie, its the worst as we dont no why they happen and we are left empty and myself have suffered 3 in the past so no how u feel..i hope the rest does u gud and ur nxt cycle is the 1 we hear the happy new of ur BFP result πŸ˜™ xx

  • Thank you

    Good luck to you x

  • Wow 16 embryos is amazing!!!! Sorry to hear you had so pain but hopefully it will have all been worth it. Keep the faith! Fingers crossed for lots of frozen! Xx

  • Thank u so much kat9lives that means alot πŸ˜™ good luck with ur own treatment 2 hunnie xx

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