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Injection time

Had my appointment on Thursday and scan went ok so I have started my short protocol injections. I must admit taking the injection was worrying me but the gonal f was very easy and painless which was a relief however this morning I start on ceratide which looks a little more complicated but I'm sure it will be fine. I felt like I had side effects straight away I'm quite tired and I feel tender in the stomach, I have also been sweating at night I didn't think this would happen on short protocol - is this normal? Perhaps my wee head is over thinking and creating the symptoms!

I'm drinking lots of water and increasing my protein etc - any other tips ladies? All being well I have a scan again tues to see if they have grown - fingers crossed for this stage!

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Morning, I had a local reaction to cetrotide each time, with a small raised red lump that was itchy. I used a cold wet flannel or some ice which helped (clinic recommended this). I was also hot at night. Keep drinking plenty and get plenty of rest. My reaction to it got less each time. Good luck with it xx


Thank you! First cetrotide this morning so little nervous about mixing it etc but I'm sure all will be fine and il use your tips too - thank you! It's not the most exciting thing to wake up to each morning but least it's one step closer! :)


Welcome to the night sweat phase! Gross isn't it? I always have cold feet, but not on Gonal f! i warm up from the first injection onwards. Sounds like you're doing fine so far! Daunting in the beginning, you'll be a pro in no time!

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Thanks filmgirl, all was fine but this morning I had a wee set back I felt sick and had a mini temp but only lasted 10 mins then fine it was a but overwhelming but I have a scan tomorrow so fingers crossed and il check with nurse. Hope your good x


I had some hot moments at night and my tummy was a bit tender.

I'm starting my injections tonight so am a bit behind you, also short protocol.

Wishing you all the best.


Thanks pm27, all has been fine so far just a little tender in the tummy but I still worry I'm getting the cetrotide correct I have a fear of air bubbles lol! Got my first scan after taking the injections tomorrow so I might just get the nurse to do tomorrow's injections. I had a bit of a reaction to cetrotide today which was strange as it has been fine so far but I felt instantly nauseus and short if breath but fine 5 mins later so il be sure to ask nurse tomorrow! Good luck on the injections every one is a step closer 😀 wishing you the best xxx


I get a funny tummy too. I haven't decided whether it's nerves or what. Because I sweat at the same time I think it's anxiety. You'd think by the 8th go of this, I'd be relaxed about it! Good luck at your scan!


Thanks filmgirl! I spoke it through with he nurse and she put it down to anxiety, early morning no food etc! Feel reassured now so it's onwards with the injections hopefully stop on Friday as I have a few follies at size 14 so hopefully they get to 18 for Fridays scan then it's in on Monday! Hope your doing ok - what stage are you at? 8 times deserves a medal I think total respect you must be one very strong lady! Xxx


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